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  1. eliquid

    Confused About Health-Dental-Eye Insurance Thread

    Wanted to ask about health insurance here. I truly want some insight from other entrepreneurs for now before I talk to another agent which gets really confusing and irritating. Being self employed and in a state that did away with their state ran program ( Kentucky ) a few years ago, I'm...
  2. eliquid

    Remember This When You Say You Can't Compete

    Think a niche is too saturated? Think you can't compete and all the good ideas are used up? Sometimes you just need to improve on the not-so obvious... This Is Why McDonald’s Coke Tastes Better Than All the Others .
  3. eliquid

    MEETUPS Kentucky/Louisville Meet Up Interest

    So posting this here for those near and interested. I'm in the Louisville and Meade County areas myself, but I know some people are near and around like @LiveFire @Castaway @1step @James Thornton @Shepherd @cwalto12 If you know anyone else on the forum in the area, tag them to this post. Who...
  4. eliquid

    HOT TOPIC $500,000 Side Revenue By 2019 Or Bust - A Crypto Follow Along

    I decided to start this thread purely for me. Sorry, but at least I'm honest. right? I wanted to hold myself accountable because I told myself I would do $X outside normal "business" setups ( selling online, flipping homes, etc ) this year. Unless I make this thread where I have the chance of...
  5. eliquid

    HOT TOPIC Not Fulfilled? Depressed? Maybe You Need An Alignment

    I'm sticking my neck out here because I know that SOME people will consider this topic along the same lines of "action-faking", "passion following", and other guru life coaching BS. However, I'm going for my 3rd Gold on purpose with this thread. Yes this will be a massive post, covering...
  6. eliquid

    GOLD! Ask Me Anything About SaaS ( I'm building my 7th )

    Hello everyone. A lot of you know me for my digital marketing Gold Thread here on the FLF ( see sig ), as well as other posts in the forum. What you might not know is that I've successfully built 6 profitable SaaS programs either solely by myself, or with a single partner ( and with no other...
  7. eliquid

    Expert Roundup - SEO Heading Into 2018

    Interviewed a few people from FLF ( and a few other places ) for their thoughts on SEO heading into 2018. Below is a snippet from the newsletter I sent out from our blog: This week on our blog we have our first-ever expert roundup where we gathered experts and asked them some of the most...
  8. eliquid

    Looking for SEO people on this forum

    Hey all, Most of you know me for my PPC insights here on the forum ( see sig ), but I actually run several SaaS's online that deal with SEO and digital marketing in general. I'm doing some content marketing and would like to interview several SEOs from this forum. Think of it kinda like @Andy...
  9. eliquid

    Fastlane Companies are entities, and hide behind human resources. They have no soul.

    Not sure who wrote this on this forum ( I tried searching, couldn't match anything ), but it's not mine and I am not claiming to have came up with it. However, when I seen it I had to print it out and look at it every few weeks to remind myself of the struggle. Companies are entities, and...
  10. eliquid

    MEETUPS Manhattan, Feb 9th

    I should have done one of these when I went to Miami last month, but I forgot. Anyone in the Manhattan area ( I'll be right next to Central Park ) on Feb 9th wanna catch up for a meal or something? I have to leave out on the 10th ( 1 day biz trip ). I get in at 4pm, but would like to meetup...
  11. eliquid

    GOLD! Paid Advertising Crash Course

    I was asked to write this for another forum and I got permission to share it here. But first, I want to give you some background on why I wrote this... I have been purchasing PPC ads since 1998 and I cut my teeth on both ecommerce and lead generation campaigns for almost a thousand different...
  12. eliquid

    Importing From India - Lots of questions I have

    So, I'm not afraid to admit when I am a noob and ask for help. I've bought a few things off Aliexpress and thought this would be easy. However, I am seeing that Alibaba and direct contact with manuf. is a bit different. I reached out directly to a few companies in India about a certain product...
  13. eliquid

    Any Americans Moved From Mainland To US Virgin Islands?

    A while ago I read where you could move there and legally reduce your taxes by a significant percentage if you were American. Was wondering if anyone here has actually done it and would mind sharing their experience about the process and the real life pros and cons from it.
  14. eliquid

    WEB/DIGITAL TweetAdder and other tools for social media

    Hey Guy - Wondering if any of you automate your social media and what tools you use? I am not looking to 100% automate any social media, but I am looking for some shortcuts and tools in general to keep in mind. I know about TweetAdder for Twitter, but I am looking for tools similar to help...
  15. eliquid

    What's Your Core Values? I Include Mine

    I just did an eval of mine and what they mean to me. I came up with: Individuality Freedom Trust Simplicity Activeness Curious if anyone here has gone through this exercise at all and came up with a list of their own? I explain why I picked what I did over at...
  16. eliquid

    MEETUPS Louisville Kentucky & Ft. Lauderdale/Key West FL Meetup

    Looking to do 2 meetups. One in Louisville Kentucky prob in early Feb and one in Ft. Lauderdale Florida mid March when I come in on vacation. Could also do it in Key West Anyone near these 2 locations wanna meetup? I am arranging this meetup from another forum of digital marketers as well, so...
  17. eliquid

    Hi Y'all - Louisville Kentucky here

    Thought I would finally sign up. Been a lurker here for some time. I am a 35 year old Digital marketer ( 13 years experience ) with a background in web site design and programming ( 17 years ) living in Louisville, Kentucky. I've already made my first $1MM in affiliate marketing online and I...
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