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  1. Fassina

    Dopamine. The missing piece of the success puzzle. (Improve Locus of Control, Motivation, Self-control)

    Great post Chris =D It makes no sense that some doctors aren't taught basic Drug Tolerance theory in college. Simple, solves +95% of problems related to long term medication usage, yet somehow it isn't common knowledge among the people that...
  2. Fassina

    Are you a “deadbeat”?

    Just sign up for automatic debit, your bank will just pay it off automatically for you. That's what I do, no need to waste time going to the bank to pay a credit card bill..
  3. Fassina

    MJ talks about living off of 3.5% interest from bonds for life. But is he correct?

    Unless you're some weird lazy person, and don't stop working completely on anything else. i.e another business, or investing or real state you can. But if you're that weird kind of lazy person you wouldn't be able to get that much money in the first place, unless you won the lottery or an...
  4. Fassina

    This childhood personality trait influences how much money you'll make as an adult

    That's why I subscribe to these channels, they do it for me, Scishow is better than most, they tend to do more and go the extra mile. The cause in my opinion based on my evolutionary psychology knowledge is probably just 2 different evolutionary strategies. One that uses impulsivity, crime...
  5. Fassina

    This childhood personality trait influences how much money you'll make as an adult

    Dude I'm asking if in this study they accounted for an important factor to determine it's accuracy, and giving an example of one where they didn't to give the question merit. I'm not arguing against the big five. I know about it, I'm also well versed in statistics and p values, statistical...
  6. Fassina

    This childhood personality trait influences how much money you'll make as an adult

    View: It's just wrong, yet pretty much every non fiction book references it for some reason.. You are also taking averages too seriously, some traits certainly do improve income level for average office john, it doesn't mean these traits are as...
  7. Fassina

    This childhood personality trait influences how much money you'll make as an adult

    Did they control for family income level and situation? These studies generally don't so what ends up happening is that they find that kids of well off people with good upbringing tend to make more money later in life. And that's no surprise for anyone. An example of this is that marshmallow...
  8. Fassina

    Took me three months of daily writing to finish this blog post. 90 Personal Development Books and their reviews

    Strange you seem to finish books you rate as bad, wouldn't it be better to drop or just skim them ? Your system works though so keep it up. I do something similar but instead I do 4 chapters per day. This was based on math specifically the number of average chapters per book / by the number of...
  9. Fassina

    Freelancer making $140K/yr, how to double or triple?

    I shouldn't help but I will. Make a course, teach freelancers in your niche how to get clients that pay well or whatever it is freelancers want in clients. Sell it to freelancers with ads in places people in your niche frequent. Grow it by creating more products and upselling stuff to your...
  10. Fassina

    BOOK The 10x Rule by Grant Cardone - Crazy or Brilliant?

    It depends on the scale of what you're trying to do and how big your goals are. If the business you want to open is small and takes little initial investment, you can bootstrap and learn as you go. If it's something larger with a lot of investment of time and money required you need to be more...
  11. Fassina

    I never knew how bad the system can screw someone until now

    When we talk about systems in business we are referring to systematic actions, step by step procedures that are followed consistently to produce optimal results. They are basically checklists for employees, you need them otherwise they can steal from you or make silly mistakes that end up...
  12. Fassina

    EXECUTION Made my first dropshipping sale last night

    Congratulations man! That is a great start =D I've done that, the profit margins were too low to depend on ads, so it'd net me very little, did more testing and math even if I was able to maximize my margins I'd be making very little, the volume I'd need to sell to get a respectable income...
  13. Fassina

    OFF-TOPIC Buzzfeed: Tony Robbins accused of sexual misconduct

    Tony is a good guy he'll be fine. He's the biggest one on the industry so it's surprising he hasn't been seriously attacked yet. This was probably supposed to be an opening move so more / actual victims would come out, not an actual journalism piece. If nothing else surfaces he'll be fine and...
  14. Fassina

    How to force myself to do things?

    Atomic Habits by James Clear. It's really good too. Also Checklist Manifesto. Basically you want to form habits, and have checklists on the things you do daily. PS. Time is limited, so if you want to do X you may have to stop doing Y..
  15. Fassina

    HOT TOPIC Anybody reading fiction??

    I mean there are different ways of selling, target audiences and all that. Sometimes alienating a few will end up getting more attention and conversions than being pleasant to everybody. Tolkien is important, I'm not arguing that, he did a lot of worldbuilding that's cool. It's also fair to say...
  16. Fassina

    HOT TOPIC Anybody reading fiction??

    I just recommended him in the comment above yours ;) He's so good, lightbringer is incredible, the cover on the first book is such a disservice. I'd have started it much sooner otherwise.
  17. Fassina

    HOT TOPIC Anybody reading fiction??

    I don't mean technology as in computers. I mean it in the sense of it building on past developments. For example Tolkien one of the important contributions from him was worldbuilding and it's applications, it's something that wasn't done that often and with that intensity, nowadays most good...
  18. Fassina

    Why Italian graduates are choosing life on the farm

    In general it isn't. I don't even know why you'd argue that organic can be more efficient or better for the environment.. It's like saying it's possible that the big foot exists, yeah technically, but believing it is still kind of silly. Google naturalistic fallacy. Organics is a bad fad...
  19. Fassina

    Why Italian graduates are choosing life on the farm

    Is that revenue or net? Seems average either way for 2 graduates, even if it's 4k each.. Organics are actually worse for the environment, and there's little to no evidence of it being healthier than normal production methods. If you care about the planet you'd actually avoid organic products...
  20. Fassina

    HOT TOPIC Anybody reading fiction??

    You guys seem to read mostly old well known stuff that was important but not really that good compared to what we have today.. You can ask most writers, books today are better than they were in the past, standards are higher, writers are better, writing technology is better, editing is better...
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