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    RANT How much is too much for an office expenses?

    I think you need to get a little frugal about your office furniture. If you dont want to compromise on the machines you want your employees to work on. You have to consider the fact that you are starting out and you need to invest in yourself and people who work for you than to invest in things...
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    INTRO Hi Everyone!

    Hi everyone, I have just joined these forums and have watched through threads and yes I see the importance of reading the books. Actually, I have been looking at the forum without creating an account for sometime now and I thought about joining it today. Anyhow, looking forward to discussing...
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    INTRO Hi! Finally took a risk and spent half of my savings to start perusing freedom!

    If your website is going to be ready in few weeks then how do you know you f'ed it up? I mean to ask it's still in the process and you shouldn't worry about it until the developer has delivered you the final product. Also, might I ask what needs to be fixed when it's already under development...
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