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    Small Victory for aspiring Edupreneur

    Wanted to share a small victory I had recently . I earned 10 Lacs (1 Million) Indian rupees using my Job/Business . Bulk of it came from my job ,a small portion came from business . I have created a fixed deposit account in one of nationalized bank and it is now earning me handsome 7.1% interest...
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    Clear financial goals(power of setting written goals)

    Hi All , In MJ's first book ,he talks about deciding exact amount of money which you will require to become financially free . Below here I am putting amount which I will need to become financially free forever : 2 Crore INR . I aim to achieve this figure ASAP. I may win or I may fail but I...
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    Which business to choose

    Hi Guys , I am in a dilemma and need little help . There two business in front of me I will call them Business A and Business B . Business A: Pros and Cons Pros : 1. I am currently doing this business and know about it . 2. I have product ready to sell.(It is a education related course. I have...
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    How true are Fastlane commandments and scripted life ?

    I wanted to give two example I saw in last 7 days : 1. I am an fan of Prank Video Maker named UDY pranks . They used to make prank on catching gold diggers (female/male). They have over 1.6m subscriber . But recently Youtube disallowed them to post any new videos .In words of Channel owner ...
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    Trying to loose weight (not succeeding )

    Hi Guys , I am trying to loose weight for past 6 months now but not getting any success . Earlier I was 154 pounds now my weight is 172 pounds. I do gyming daily and walk around 30-45 mins regularly .I have also reduced my diet (eating now 33% less than earlier ) still it seems to be not working...
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    Level of competition (Monopoly or competing with fewer people)

    Hi All , I recently read a book called Zero to One by Peter Thiel . As per him we should enter a field where we can establish a monopoly . In M J's book we read if there is competition we should skew values and make ourselves dominant in our business. My question is what should be the level to...
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    Should I do MBA or Not ?

    Guys I need some help and this is the best place to ask : I am in dilemma currently : To do MBA or continue with current Job ? MBA pro: - I am doing business in education sector ,an MBA will add to my credentials and help boost my business in long run.(My logic is if you want to take advice for...
  8. B


    Hi All , I am Bhanu .I live in central part of India (in a city called Indore not Indoor he he). I was a slow laner kid all along . Thanks to parenting we get in India ,we are brainwashed to believe the crappy dogma of >> go to school,get a good job,get married,save and die after living a...

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