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  1. ExaltedLife

    Idea for MJ Demarco and The Fastlane Forum

    Hey MJ, I want to see what you and other Fastlaners think about an idea for the Forum that I think could work well, seeing as there is a range of members, from hungry bootstrappers to the successful and affluent. I've been going through a transformation recently, inspired by "Personality...
  2. ExaltedLife

    Effective Copywriting - for free! (Mostly)

    Yes, the title sounds unbelievable, but it's true, and it's simple. One of my projects right now will involve advertising for clients. I've got the skills to write copy that sells, but I don't have a portfolio of work to showcase, and that's making it hard to sell my credibility. So, if you...
  3. ExaltedLife

    Tips for Focus/Work Ethic

    Hello fellow Fastlaners, I recently began a new habit that I think is great, especially if you are hyper-creative like me (sometimes referred to as ADD). I must give credit where it is due, which in this case is over to the folks at Fabulous, which is an incredible habit/lifestyle design app...
  4. ExaltedLife

    Moving the Needle on Probability

    Wow. My mind just got blown by a post from @MJ DeMarco. Some background: In the recently closed thread titled: "Quit now, get a job, and why bother. Everything is luck". The OP was complaining that his few half-assed attempts didn't get him anywhere and started to blame luck and basically...
  5. ExaltedLife

    If you live in Arizona... (Tax on Gold?)

    A friend of mine just posted this on Facebook If you are in Arizona, please call Governor Ducey and let him know that you support HB 2014, a bill to end state tax on gold and silver. Tax is an obstacle to use of metallic money. The bill is expected to pass the Senate on Thursday (it already...
  6. ExaltedLife

    An excellent example of SCE

    Although I'm not certain if it was Amazon or MJ Demarco who orchestrated this latest example of Surpassing Customer Expectations (the same principle as SUCS but I like my acronym better), I do know that I've lately received two emails that are a perfect example of the working principle.
  7. ExaltedLife

    I had that idea first, and I'm GLAD they're making millions.

    I can't tell you guys how many times I've had an idea, and then weeks, months or years later seen a business successfully executing that exact same idea, and making huge money while they do it - a hell of a lot more than I make. Uber? I thought of it first. Suitopia? I thought of it first. I...
  8. ExaltedLife

    I'm not lazy, I'm short on time. Someday I'll be dead.

    Today I decided to commit to a Fastlane business. I decided to "Choose my mountain" as the late Felix Dennis put it. For fun, I'll document my journey here, but the main reason I'm posting here is that I want some advice. Before I ask for advice, though, I'll offer some: If you haven't chosen a...

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