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    I've Read The Millionaire Fastlane!

    I’ve read fastlane. Was a birthday gift from my wife. Had never heard of MJ previously and safe to say it’s changed my life. Immediately read unscripted and have nearly finished the rat race. Will be teaching this to my children that’s for sure. Wish I’d have had this book 20years ago!
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    I've Read UNSCRIPTED!

    Read unscripted immediately after fastlane. Continues to blow my mind. Thank you MJ
  3. F


    Small query, but how do I update my profile to show I’ve read all the MJ books?
  4. F

    My first stab

    I’ll keep updating my progress on this thread, but it’s safe to say, I’ve never felt so alive I’m what I’m doing right now. For once, I feel like I’m working for myself instead of someone else, and it feels f*ckin amazing.
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    Repairs and maintenance to homeowners

    And out of interest, what’s the INSIDE? How is an idea purchased and deleted? What does that mean? Thanks
  6. F

    Repairs and maintenance to homeowners

    That’s great MJ. Thank you for taking the time to consider my idea. The affluent niche is a really interesting USP. Up to me now to do something with the idea and execute it! Thanks MJ, loving the books
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    New to the forum. Hungry to succeed

    Do you mind me asking what is your business? Is it successful ?
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    New to the forum. Hungry to succeed

    Just to be straight, I don’t come from money, but I’m on a decent corporate salary, which pays my bills including the mortgage. I’ve a solid business idea that I’d like to execute, but can’t invest the time without giving less to my salaried job. I’m stuck
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    New to the forum. Hungry to succeed

    Yes I’m sure entrepreneurship isn’t for everyone, but after reading the fastlane, I feel like I’ve double dropped the strongest red pill on the market! My £75k corporate salary (once a privileged earning) now seems pathetic and I’ve a new desire to make it on my own. My issue is I can’t do both...
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    New to the forum. Hungry to succeed

    Yeah just finished the fastlane, about to start the rat race. Is true,I’m married with 3 young daughters and 4 dogs, so a lot of pressure!
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    New to the forum. Hungry to succeed

    My problem is finding the time. I know I’ll need to invest all my time to make it, but I can’t when my 9-5 supports me and my family. I’m stuck!
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    Repairs and maintenance to homeowners

    I work for a social housing provider that offers a repairs, maintenance and home improvement service to all the tenants living in the portfolio. There is no such service for private homeowners. I want to create a user friendly platform that private homeowners can use that mirrors the service...
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    New to the forum. Hungry to succeed

    Just finished the millionaire fast lane and was blown away. Made me ditch all the so called money gurus I once followed. I know have a business idea I think could really succeed, but as I have a corporate job that sucks the life out of me, I don’t know how to start and break free. Any...

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