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  1. J

    Translation as a course, dumb or smart?

    Going through C, E, and N: C- Control depends on the platform for your lessons. You could hire a developer to make a website with user login and self-hosted videos if you wanted. It depends on how much effort and money you're willing to invest up front. E- Your knowledge in the field has been...
  2. J

    Should you persevere when you don't believe in your business?

    Your product may not have a noticeable effect for you, but we all respond differently to different compounds. What do your customers say? Are any of them passionate about your products? Or do they all buy once and not return? If you have even a small base of die-hard customers, you may be onto...
  3. J

    SEO providing inconsistent sales

    I'll add Hotjar soon. It's been on my mind a while, so time to actually do it. My forays into paid search have been expensive and fruitless so far. Maybe I need to try long-tail terms.
  4. J

    SEO providing inconsistent sales

    Chat's probably not practical since it's just a one-man show right now, but there are a few other tricks I can pull to increase visitor time. Right now, it typically averages between 1 to 2 minutes. Thanks for the suggestion! I've looked at analytics and conversion path. I haven't gotten...
  5. J

    SEO providing inconsistent sales

    I really appreciate your replies. There's nothing seasonal or cyclical about need for my app. That's interesting about the experiment. I'll have to give some thought about how to set it up. It's probably not trivial, but maybe there's a service out there (or maybe there isn't- entrepreneurial...
  6. J

    SEO providing inconsistent sales

    I have a small side project selling an app from my website. Lately, most of my sales has come from SEO, but I've seen a confusing pattern over the last few months- for a week or two, I'll get a solid stream of sales and then it'll suddenly stop and I'll get virtually no more sales for the rest...
  7. J

    What book are you reading? Right now. Post up!

    Personality Isn't Permanent by Benjamin Hardy. I bought it on the title alone and am only a few chapters in, but it's perfectly consistent with fastlane principles. MJ himself could have written it. In a nutshell, your personality isn't who you are but a temporary facade and is constantly...
  8. J

    Can we smoke weed in the entrepreneurial world?

    Seems like a bad idea if you're trying to achieve something.
  9. J

    So if you are born poor in a 3rd world shitpool, can you still make it? My Story.

    Right on. Even Muhammad Ali got bloodied up. Even Michael Jordan missed game-winning shots.
  10. J

    A Quick Guide to No-Code

    I recently tried Adalo to quickly spin up an idea. The idea was simple enough so I thought no-code would be appropriate. I quite liked it and it was very quick to develop with once I got the hang of it. Unfortunately, I got to a point where I needed to implement something that simply couldn't be...
  11. J

    So if you are born poor in a 3rd world shitpool, can you still make it? My Story.

    That is an amazing story. The time time I feel the slightest bit of self-pity, I'll reread your story as a much-needed kick in the a$$.
  12. J

    Laptop recommendations for a laptop

    I'm still using my Dell laptop I bought nearly 6 years ago for $500 (refurbished). I do all sorts of programming with it just fine. It would be nice to have 16 GB RAM for when I have to use virtual machines, but I get by just fine with 8 GB. The processor's a bit slow, but I only notice when I'm...
  13. J

    I've designed an innovative rhythm guitar course which solves a problem, but it doesn't sell as I expected

    I think you need to get your potential customers excited about rhythm guitar rather than assume that they already get it. As you mentioned, rhythm is not as sexy as lead guitar, so you may need to persuade people that it's just as important and it takes practice. Perhaps you could highlight...
  14. J

    Anti-China Sentiment

    Is there any way a nobody in the import/export business like myself can help connect companies with manufacturers outside of China?
  15. J

    Curtis "50 Cent" Jackson's New Book Hustle Harder, Hustle Smarter (and a Giveaway)

    Just read the excerpts and downloaded the audiobook. Looking forward to listening. Thanks!
  16. J

    Female entrepreneur? Want $5k!?

    Those who experience discrimination are totally cool with it because that totally makes sense.
  17. J

    Female entrepreneur? Want $5k!?

    They actually say they don't want to invest in a company because it's run by women? If so, sounds like this whole industry needs to grow the hell up. Sure, I'll fight for equality in this area. So, what do I do?
  18. J

    Female entrepreneur? Want $5k!?

    Ok, just so we're clear... so discrimination's cool again?
  19. J

    How Do You Know When You Are Money-Chasing?

    Do you have a way to test any of these ideas on a small scale? It's one thing to assume an idea will meet a need, even if you have good reason to think so. It's something else entirely to have empirical evidence in front of you that you personally gathered. That may help convince you that you're...
  20. J

    Could someone tell me what is wrong with me?

    Here's my advice. Come up with a small goal that you think you can achieve in a month or so. Then, make a to-do list of discrete actions needed to achieve that goal. Then, focus on one item at a time and relish in the joy of crossing each item of the list. Keep grinding away until you've...

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