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  1. startinup

    Fix yourself first - Why you shouldn't create a business right now

    Honestly, it is important to work on yourself. AND you can do that while you're building a business. When you fail, you learn so much, it's awesome! As I get deeper into the entreprenship game, it actually becomes less about money for me. And more about becoming the person that I want to be...
  2. startinup

    Agree or Disagree: Entrepreneurship is a privilege

    I don't agree with the way you've defined it as a privilege. Because poor people can succeed just as much as rich in entrepreneurship. Both have advantages and disadvantages. The poor person will have to become more resourceful to become successful. And that skill will help them stay successful...
  3. startinup

    Absolute best Nootropics (Smart Drugs) for boosting Motivation, Memory, Focus and Mood

    Crazy how Adderall has the highest effect on most of the positive measures. I've only taken it once, but my experience completely supports the research here... I'd made some poor choices and was doing terribly in my Operating Systems class. Even worse I needed OS to graduate and it was my last...
  4. startinup

    Don't make the same mistakes I did...

    I think both of us are actually right on the money point. It just depends on the individual and their risk tolerance. If you are the type of person to be very careful with your money or have responsibilities that require money, then it may be beneficial to have a buffer so that you don't hold...
  5. startinup

    Don't make the same mistakes I did...

    Hey Fastlaners, Haven't been active on the forum recently. But I wanted to take a moment to help some people avoid some mistakes I made when starting my first business. Last August, I started working, like many here, to sell websites to local businesses. It was a great experience, even though...
  6. startinup

    The Learning a New Language Thread

    See the article I posted about above. It explains the how and why to learn the way I did. Basically it's fast and helps you learn the rest of the language quicker.
  7. startinup

    The Learning a New Language Thread

    Yea the writing down method is not fun. I've done all of the 2200 most common kanji now and am just reviewing every day. All I did was learn the meanings. There can be a ton of different readings for each, and they are context based, so I'm just learnimg those as I learn vocab. Here's a very...
  8. startinup

    The Learning a New Language Thread

    Learning Japanese :) Right now I'm about 1100 kanji in (kanji are Chinese characters that are used in Japanese and there's about 2200 commonly used characters). I've researched quite a bit before getting started since Japanese is an undertaking and I wanted to learn efficiently, so for anyone...
  9. startinup

    Sold my $30,000 p/mth website for $650k - My "near wealth experience" taught me this--> [MP3]

    Just finished listening to this book on audio. First of all, the quality is great and very professional. Second, the content is not obvious, but simple. (if that makes sense :rofl:) It's so easy to fall into the trap of ever growing goals and thinking you'll always need more. But Bill rejects...
  10. startinup

    College is truly a terrifying experience.

    My college experience went from optimistic to terrifying too quickly... When I first got to college, I was trying to figure out what kind of job I would do. After settling on software developer I thought it was all figured out. Then I studied abroad in Budapest and experienced my first real...
  11. startinup

    Copywriting Contest... (RESULTS POSTED!)

    I've never made anything like this before so any feedback would be invaluable :). Hope this helps!
  12. startinup

    Best Whiskey you've ever had

    I have a confession... I've never had a good whiskey. *Gasp* One summer night I drank Kentucky Gentleman and it ruined the word whiskey for me. Up until this thread, my brain has associated whiskey with: gross, terrible and cough-syrup-like. But after seeing all of your enthusiasm, I think I...
  13. startinup

    I spent the last 9 months studying AI (Deep Learning) feel free to ask me questions.... or don't :)

    I studied machine learning in last year in college and in the end we had to build a neural network from scratch in C++. It's pretty involved to do it this way and I would definitely recommend taking a look into some of the libraries others have mentioned. Before getting started you would...
  14. startinup

    Breaking into Consulting with a Notable First Client

    Pseudo-Weekly Update ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- After thinking through the entire idea of scaling up my outreach, I decided not to do it. Sending out 50 emails a...
  15. startinup

    Breaking into Consulting with a Notable First Client

    First of all, some great advice here, thanks! I've been thinking about upping my numbers for cold calls. Currently, I've been sending out emails first and then following up with the call. I want to keep the emails as personal as possible for better results and that is limiting the amount of...
  16. startinup

    Breaking into Consulting with a Notable First Client

    Pseudo-Weekly(Monthly) Update ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Was feeling drained just in time for a break me and my girlfriend had planned. I was hoping the bit of...
  17. startinup

    Breaking into Consulting with a Notable First Client

    Thanks so much for the great advice. Getting my computer repaired so I've been off the FLF grid for a bit, but it's awesome to get some participation from people like you who want to help. My current email script is mostly just the one from foxes web school. I decided to join last week after my...
  18. startinup

    Is your dating life fulfilling?

    This may be a bit off-topic, but if I see somewhere I can help, got to do it. Unfortunately this is where Tinder is weak. It can be good if you're just trying to have fun, but for a relationship with more like-minded people you can't use Tinder as you're only option. Here's a simple process...
  19. startinup

    LSD / Drugs and Entrepreneurship

    When I first saw this post I thought LordPhenny was back and was surprised to see MJ was the OP. I've always had some interest in LSD and Shrooms for personal growth reasons. Never decided to do them yet because I either didn't know anyone I was comfortable enough around or didn't have a...
  20. startinup

    Breaking into Consulting with a Notable First Client

    Pseudo-Weekly Update ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- First Client: I just met with my first client. It went really well and I was very prepared. He's got a good...

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