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  1. AnAverageJoe

    Best Way To Monetize the Full-Time RV Niche

    Hey guys. So in about a month, my family and I are going to live in an RV (travel trailer specifically) and travel the country. We plan on traveling for about a year until we find the state/town we want to settle down in. We've already started an Instagram account, and I'm in the process of...
  2. AnAverageJoe

    Copywriter Wants To Give You Your Time Back

    At one point or another, we’ve all thought, “where did the day go?” If we only had a few extra hours in the day, things would be better, EASIER, right? Unfortunately, we’re stuck with the 24 hours we’ve always had. We’re left trying to figure out how to fit 30 hours of work into that 24-hour...
  3. AnAverageJoe

    Guy Gets A Blank Book To Number 1 On Amazon

    A guy literally got a blank book to the top of the Amazon business section. Makes you think... View:
  4. AnAverageJoe

    Paranoia and Social Anxieties Are Killing My Fastlane Dreams

    Need to get a few things off my chest. Thanks for reading. Let me start by saying I've made leaps and bounds over where I used to be. To put things in perspective, it took me six years to graduate college because I would drop any and all classes that required a presentation in front of the...
  5. AnAverageJoe

    Efficiency by The Wall Street Playboys

    Typically a red flag goes up when a person/business has "playboy" in their name, but Efficiency by The Wall Street Playboys was recommended alongside TMF. Has anyone in here read it? I've done a little research, and it seems to have pretty positive reviews.
  6. AnAverageJoe

    3D Printing as a business...does it make CENTS?

    While I was exploring ways to get prototypes made for a product I discovered 3D printing and love the potential 3D printing has. I've searched the forums looking for threads about 3D printing as a business but haven't found many. I know @Vick has a thread on the Inside, but unfortunately, I'm...
  7. AnAverageJoe

    Amazon FBA vs Self-Fulfillment

    Hey guys, pulling this question from my Progress Thread. Wanted to try to get more eyes on it so I can hear some opinions before moving forward. I'm almost ready to put in my large order for my product and make it all real! Well, maybe. My product is based on something I found on Etsy that...
  8. AnAverageJoe

    Headaches and Fatigue

    Does anyone else here struggle with headaches and fatigue? I've had chronic headaches since elementary school and was put on prescription medicine for a while. I stopped taking the medicine sometime in my pre-teens, (I'm 31 now) and just take Excedrin because it seems to do the job just as...
  9. AnAverageJoe

    No one knew he was getting paid and not showing up...

    Stumbled on this article a few days ago. Basically this guy stopped showing up to his job and his job kept paying him FOR 6 YEARS. He stopped going to work and for 6 years after that he got a check because his employers assumed he was still working for them. They only found out he wasn’t...
  10. AnAverageJoe

    Throwing my backpack over the fence. My AMZ FBA/Private Label Progress Thread.

    About two months ago I somehow stumbled across this forum and I don’t even remember how. But that lead me to discover the book and the free chapters that are available to download. Then that got me to purchase the audio-book and sign up for an account on the forums and post my introduction...
  11. AnAverageJoe

    Sea vs Air from China

    Please excuse me if this question has already been answered. I have checked the forums and found a bit about it, but I'd like to ask a few more questions. I'm discussing shipping with my supplier at the moment. If I understand all of this correctly, air shipping is more expensive, but much...
  12. AnAverageJoe

    30 year old sick of the rat race.

    Hey, I'm Brandyn. I'm 30 years old and I've been in the rat race since I was 16. My list of jobs since then include kettle corn cook/salesman at a roadside stand, retail worker at Macy's, overnight sorter at FedEx ground, retail worker at Ritz camera, valet, bellman, front desk agent, and now...

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