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  1. LiveEntrepreneur

    Do you have low energy everyday when it comes to work or business?

    I was curious as this is something that I've been experiencing ever since I got into this biz journey, but I noticed even when I'm working my normal job I'll feel tired / low energy, and especially when it comes to working on a business related task. If I go and do a fun activity, whether it's...
  2. LiveEntrepreneur

    I found an idea I want to pursue but need feedback

    So after doing some research on problems in the market and thinking about my own problems that I wanted to solve, there was one that I had that I noticed was also a problem in the market. It has being solved already (kind of) but I see heaps of room for improvement where users will get a lot of...
  3. LiveEntrepreneur

    How to determine customer acquisition cost before launching the product?

    To I've been thinking about this today and I think I might have the answer but was looking to get feedback on it. I have a product that I tried to sell with dropshipping before but it failed even though some of my competitors have been running it for quite a long time. The product has room for...
  4. LiveEntrepreneur

    A question on taking responsibility

    Hey all, One thing that came across my mind recently was whether taking full responsibility made sense. For example, these days the popular mindset is that "everything is your fault" I was wondering from an an accuracy perspective and even just a realistic one whether it made sense? If for...
  5. LiveEntrepreneur

    Hiring people for cheaper but expecting a similar result, delusional?

    Hey all, Been a while since I posted but there's something I've been really curious about and I can't figure it out. When it comes to outsourcing jobs that are difficult sometimes people will hire people where rates are a lot cheaper than the big 4 though depending on what the job is it can...
  6. LiveEntrepreneur

    Using copywrited images for Facebook ads, is it allowed?

    So I had a great idea for my Facebook ads, though it would require some of the Facebook ad image to have a picture of a cartoon character in a certain scene of the cartoon, would this be a problem for me legally you think? I can't seem to find any information on this. I don't want to be getting...
  7. LiveEntrepreneur

    My job interview went well but....

    Hi all, so a week ago I had a job interview and I think it went well, took some time and i got an email afterwards saying they will get back to me in a few weeks and that they were impressed with what I had to offer. Though I saw that the job listing was active again for the same position and...
  8. LiveEntrepreneur

    Facebook Ads: Why would cost per initiate checkout be higher than cost per purchase?

    Hi all I had a simple question as above and I cannot figure it out, and can't find any information on it. From what I understand cost per purchase should cost you the most because it's the most valuable action. I had one where CPIC was $60 but CPP was $20. Any ideas? Keep in mind there was only...
  9. LiveEntrepreneur

    Do you think social proof makes a difference for facebook ads?

    I'm curious about this, so my dropshipping store is doing crap in terms of profitability, my margins were to low to cover my costs. Even with a really high average order value it wasn't enough to save the campaign. So I raised the price and have had a few people buying a different price points...
  10. LiveEntrepreneur

    Editing your website while running facebook ads should I do it?

    So I finally found a product that made me sales I've made a decent amount of money in revenue in my first week, though at a loss again because my product was price too low (low margin) and cost per customer was expensive. I want to make some improvements on my website as I saw my competitor has...
  11. LiveEntrepreneur

    I think after 5 years I quit but what's next?

    HOT! FTE 
    I'll try not to bitch and moan on this thread but it's been about 5 years since I've started this journey I'm not even 1% to getting where I want to be. My most recent effort includes running a dropshipping store for a year learning some really great stuff about marketing and business probably...
  12. LiveEntrepreneur

    I need an SEO experts opinion

    So bad news, my domain name got taken and all my hard work has gone down the shitter potentially. I might need to get a new domain name, my question is how does this afffect seo? Can I just contact the people I got the backlink from and they redirect it to my new website?
  13. LiveEntrepreneur

    I need help with fb ads from a fb ads expert

    So I'm facing a certain issue which has been happening for a while. I am in a completely difference niche now but I have this very strange problem where I can launch a campaign and a get couple of sales each day after launching it but the problem is I can NEVER make the campaign to get 20-50...
  14. LiveEntrepreneur

    Dropshipping branded chinese items but branding them yourself

    So I am currently dropshipping some products but ran into one and it seems to have a name to it, and even in Australia they seem to sell it, but there is no website for the product but according to my research the actual name of the company is based in china. Will this cause a legal issue for me...
  15. LiveEntrepreneur

    Is your day job supposed to have a purpose?

    For the last 2 years I've almost felt some sense of depression working at my regular day job, I'm currently working 2 jobs but before I was working 2 jobs I thought to myself because the job itself is a dead end place "what's the point anymore?" it just lost purpose for me to work hard, as a...
  16. LiveEntrepreneur

    Why do I get excited by ideas quickly but don't follow through?

    So I have this weird thing, no idea why it happens but trying to figure out why. Maybe it's just a dopamine thing. So what I'm referring to is that I'll be unmotivated for a while, and I have a picture in my head of who I want to be, I can see what my perfect day looks like and that's just...
  17. LiveEntrepreneur

    Are business/self-help books a waste of time?

    So today I was looking at my bookshelf with over 80+ books on it, and was thinking to what I've learnt from it and I look at it and think I haven't really accomplished anything from all this reading. Sometimes I think because these books are not tailored to your situation they won't help you...
  18. LiveEntrepreneur

    Found the perfect job but some concerns

    Hi all, so after a bit finally found this great position and with great pay alot of value. But have some deep concerns They are the following: * got the offer day after. Seems too quick * interviewer was discussing how very casual it is and laid back. * even salary seemed high a bit. Not...
  19. LiveEntrepreneur

    SEO is writing this particular post worth it?

    So I am using the weekends to write blog posts and I have the most time to do them so will try and write a few over the next 2 days. I wrote one today that was 2,400 words and I am aiming for this keyword that has monthly 90 avg. monthly searches and low competition which is good. Though I...
  20. LiveEntrepreneur

    Completely stuck again with my business

    So I've been running a Shopify store for the last couple months and have generated a few hundred in sales (actually got sales relatively fast), I've done this using Facebook ads and Google Shopping ads. I am also working on the SEO side of things, contacting people for backlinks, writing one or...

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