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  1. AustinS28

    Is it possible to sell an app?

    You can sell anything. Here is a marketplace for buying and selling apps - Flippa - #1 platform to buy and sell online businesses
  2. AustinS28

    Why is there not more healthy fast food chains?

    We have a lot of healthy “fast food” options here in Manhattan - SweetGreen, Fresh and Co, Dig Inn, Between the Bread...just to name a few. The salad craze has taken off. The place sweetgreen, if you don’t preorder online you can be standing on line for 30+ minutes during lunch hours. These...
  3. AustinS28

    Does everyone struggle to learn code?

    I would strongly argue OOP will make a developer/development teams's life/lives a lot easier. Let's take an example. I have 100 tables in my database. Every single table shares one trait - a created, and updated time stamp, they are universal between all models. Creating a base class on my...
  4. AustinS28

    Does everyone struggle to learn code?

    If you want to build a website from scratch that isn’t a static page, yes JavaScript is part of the process.
  5. AustinS28

    Does everyone struggle to learn code?

    I’m employed as a software engineer and I still can look back every 3/6/12 months and see how much I’ve learned and still need to learn. You solve one challenge and something harder comes along. The fundamentals of OOP can be a little tough to grasp at first, but once you get it, everything...
  6. AustinS28

    Feel too old to learn to code? here some motivation

    I’m not too familiar with financial models, unless you can explain them. I can say that I know using a relational database like PostgreSQL can be configured to run queries much more efficiently than excel. I would look into that. I’d also look into Pandas. It’s a very powerful data aggregation...
  7. AustinS28

    Feel too old to learn to code? here some motivation

    Most don’t. Companies like google are actually making a big push to pioneer the idea that a college degree holds little weight in assessing someone’s capabilities as a developer. Most startups employ people without degrees. What is cool about programming is you know it or you don’t and it’s...
  8. AustinS28

    Feel too old to learn to code? here some motivation

    What's your goal/what are you trying to learn? Codewars and hackerrank are great for learning programming fundamentals, but won't give you the knowledge for building a web/mobile application outside of getting familiar with whatever language you've been coding in. They will help with your...
  9. AustinS28

    Feel too old to learn to code? here some motivation

    I love Django REST. It's tough for sure, some days are better than others. I strive to put in an hour or two a night. I usually leave work, workout, eat dinner, code for a bit. That break in between helps. It also helps when I have planned features that I am working on because, aimlessly...
  10. AustinS28

    Feel too old to learn to code? here some motivation

    Haven't posed in a while, but this is my experience learning to code at 26, I'm now 29. Late 2016 - decided I wanted to learn to code to build a mobile app. Picked up syntax by doing algorithms on code wars with the Ruby programming language. Did this for about 6 months Mid 2017 - really...
  11. AustinS28

    mobile app vs web app, question

    What stack would you use for web vs mobile? What api calls couldn’t your backend handle. I mean backend can be the same regardless of mobile or web.
  12. AustinS28

    mobile app vs web app, question

    Why are mobile apps hard to program and web apps not so much?
  13. AustinS28

    This is what 60 Pounds (27 KGS) Looks Like

    Congrats on making this change. I’ve lost 60lbs at one point in my life and would fluctuate 15lbs from that new baseline for years forward. I’m in the best shape of my life now as far as leanness and physical performance and it’s honestly been the easiest tome I’ve had getting there. A few...
  14. AustinS28

    Be healthy with very cheap food. Is that possible?

    I’m all about making delicious meals without breaking the bank. I make a lot of roasts and grilled chicken. Both are not costly. The roasts I cook in my instant pot with veggies and beef broth. I’m typically eating brown rice, quinoa or potatoes for my carbs. All purchased in bulk from...
  15. AustinS28

    Where to Learn to Code?

    I did app academy. When did your friend graduate?
  16. AustinS28

    Where to Learn to Code?

    I’d download Django or Rails and go through they’re tutotorials. I’d practice syntax, the intricacies of the language and the fundamentals of computer science regarding time complexity, data structures and algorithms on CodeWars and Hackerrank. Download google chrome and create an index.html...
  17. AustinS28

    I've been a loser now I MUST find a solution! Any advice?

    I’d stop referring to yourself as a loser.
  18. AustinS28

    Trying to loose weight (not succeeding )

    Echoing what some others have said. Anything with added sugar, eliminate from your diet. Limit consumption of wheat. There is probably no need to count calories if you do the above, at least for a while. Meditate on your ideal self and become that person. -- This to me is the most...
  19. AustinS28

    Applying FastLane Principles to Finding Love?

    Is it possible you're being too picky? I am not saying not to have standards, but sometimes consciously or subconsciously, we look for people's flaws and miss all the good stuff. As you get older, I think you also need to be ready deal with more baggage from partners (exes, kids, routine etc.)...
  20. AustinS28

    building website

    I would do would SoftStone said. I have enjoyed working with Python/Django as my backend framework. I find python syntax to be clean and easy to pickup. You wouldn't be steering yourself wrong with Ruby on Rails, or Node and JavaScript. The actual coding isn't necessarily the most difficult...

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