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  1. Shreyas Nampalli

    Launched But Stuck - Herbal Supplement

    Hi All, I just launched my product on Amazon as well as the product website. I manufacture, pack and ship the product myself out of a manufacturing lab. I have started selling on Amazon and feeling a bit stuck on where I should begin marketing. I do not want to get into FB marketing (yet) and...
  2. Shreyas Nampalli

    Selling on Amazon- Best way to ship?

    I am selling an herbal supplement in a regular capsule bottle holding 60 capsules. Very light product and I wanted to know the fastest as well as cheapest way to ship out product , which shipper which method? Also I do need tracking. So far I heard USPS First class is the way to go but would...
  3. Shreyas Nampalli

    Branding a bit too similar? Need some opinions.

    Hi, I am about to launch my product and wanted to know if my branding is too similar to an already established product. My product is being targeted towards a completely different crowd which I believe will be a new market for this specific herbal supplement. My logo ,name, font etc is...
  4. Shreyas Nampalli

    Herbal Supplement Labels

    Hi All, I was wondering if anyone knew a reputable source for creating labels for something like an herbal supplement bottle. The multivitamin type. I am looking specifically for a source that can create shiny/metallic labels like you would find on some athletic supplement bottles. I have...
  5. Shreyas Nampalli

    Foil Label Printing

    Hi All, I am looking for a reliable company to print foil labels in gradient color for my supplement bottles. Does anyone have any experience with this and can recommend a source? Thanks!
  6. Shreyas Nampalli

    Just found out a company has a similar name (what do i do?)

    So after finding the perfect name for my new business and after buying the domain name i found out that there is an organization with the same name. Their name just has an "s" at the end making the word plural, is in a different geographical location and has absolutely nothing to do with my...
  7. Shreyas Nampalli

    E-Sports Supplements

    I had an idea to push a natural mood/overall boosting supplement to the E-sport community and wanted to get feedback on if you think it is a viable idea. I have done minimal research but believe that many players/streamers spend long nights practicing and watching wich messes with their sleep...
  8. Shreyas Nampalli

    Selected Niche Early, Need Help! Clothing with a Cause (pics)

    Hi fastlaners, About 6-7 months ago a friend and I decided to try our hand in clothing dropshipping as well as doing it for a good cause. Truthfully I want this to be for more than just the money because I do care about spreading awareness. I went into it thinking it would be a great idea since...
  9. Shreyas Nampalli

    Saints X Saviors

    Hi Fastlaners, I am trying to start a brand and my ecommerce PoD store has been open for about 6 months. I tried fb ads and understand that I need more testing to see my real target audience and winning product. Here is a link to my site. Saints X Saviors I am posting to ask for advice...
  10. Shreyas Nampalli

    Taking my first few steps of getting out of the SLOWLANE

    Hi All, I wanted to Introduce myself as well as get to know the community here. I have recently decided, after reading the book that I need to put a lot more effort into my work and get moving. The book helped me realize where I stand now (in the slow lane) and what I can do to get out. I...

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