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  1. rexxkai

    Importing-Shipping from China to Canada

    Hey everyone, I have recently been looking at products to sell on Amazon, and I have emailed the supplier. He told me FOB Ningbo/Shanghai, so I guess I'll have to find a shipping company to get the product to Canada. Anyone have any recommendations for good shipping companies from China to...
  2. rexxkai

    Luxury Cars of University Students in Vancouver

    Rich kids of Vancouver standard UBC parking lot scene 458 with New Driver Tags Maserati GT And the comments from Facebook: "BMWs are what peasants drive in Richmond" standard university parking lot scenario Edit: Apparently Vancouver has most luxury cars per capita, in North America
  3. rexxkai

    How can I view a deleted users past posts?

    As title states. Thanks.
  4. rexxkai

    My progress thread / journal --

    So I was reading another guys thread here... about him wasting time and money as an wantrepreneur.. And so, I'm gonna list my mistakes as well as my goals here. Mostly for making sure I follow this plan and not go off course. My mistakes: Build a website to test concept: $500 + 1-2months...
  5. rexxkai

    Tech/Trade School - What to Learn to Help Fastlane Journey?

    Hi everyone, I am possibly going to tech/trade school in January 2015. I am currently considering between these programs: 1.International Trade and Transportation Logistics Certificate (3/4 - 1 year program) 2.Business Analytics Statement of Completion (4-6 months completion) 3.A skilled...
  6. rexxkai

    Businesses not interested in helping themselves?? Calling businesses

    Hey fellow fastlaners! I have recently started a "Craigslist of Rentals" Website. Everyone can post stuff they would like to rent. I am trying to market my business to pawn shops to get some items listed on my website. I have been calling a couple pawn shops, telling them about my website...
  7. rexxkai

    Should I HIRE HIM??? Employee with Entrepreneurial Experiences

    Hey guys, I am really freaked out and suspicious about whether i should hire this person. Here's the situation: I am currently hiring a door-to-door marketing/sales representative (just to work with me for a couple of hours and to test out if the business model works) and I am interviewing an...
  8. rexxkai

    I feel like giving up on my startup.....

    Hey guys, Recently I started a startup around mid-Jan 2013 and I've been working on it everyday since then. It's a peer-to-peer rental website The website isn't finished yet, but after reading an article that some dude that has created a similar startup and him saying that "a supply focused...
  9. rexxkai

    Green Industry--anyone familiar with this industry?? need help!!

    Hi everyone, I would like to start a business in the Green Industry, but before that, I need someone who is experienced enough with the industry to know whether my business would be needed i have 2 business ideas in mind but i cant choose which one would be better so if anyone is experienced...
  10. rexxkai

    How to Deal with Negative People

    hey whats up friends!! just read a great article on how to deal with negative people with all the negative people attacking and trying to break in our walls and getting us to stop our FASTLANE PLANS&GOALS, we need to armour ourselves in order to deal with these negative people here's the link...
  11. rexxkai

    [MUST SEE!]FREE KNOWLEDGE on entrepreneurship, realestate, etc

    Hey fastlaners, I would like to share a great site with all of you -- This website has lots of free video and audiobooks on lots of topics/subjets such as trading, real estate, and internet building and LOTS MORE. hope it helps yyou in your fastlane paths!! (btw, im not...
  12. rexxkai

    Suggestion: Post that you last read

    Just a suggestion for the forum: When i read a thread, i tend to read it and then maybe some time in the future I would come back to that thread, but it has been updated, and a lot more posts have been added. Is there a way to memorize the position of the last post I read on that thread so...
  13. rexxkai

    another YOUNG FASTLANER group!!!

    hi, i would like to start a young fastlaner group (preferably around 20 year old) where we chat online once/twice a week to see how far we have progressed with our goals and just motivate each other to push ahead would anyone like to participate?? ;)
  14. rexxkai

    meetups in real life

    i'm thinking of having a real life meetup with fastlane members in real life, but im not sure whether this is safe or not.... does anyone have any experience on this?
  15. rexxkai

    Simple question - where can i upload my ebook ??

    hey guys, i plan on writing a how-to ebook, and i'm thinkin of putting the ebook on a website so ppl can buy it from the website are there any websites that allow you to do this?? cause i have ZERO website making experience basically, where can i upload my ebook that allows ppl to purchase...
  16. rexxkai

    What type of music do you listen to ??

    i listen to mostly to music popular in europe, like house, chill out, and music made by ppl like what music do you listen to?
  17. rexxkai

    vancouver-ite saying hello

    i've been looking at the forum posts for more than 1 month, and i just LOVE IT! me: -age 20 -love exotic cars (statin this is probably like stating nothing on this forum lol) -still studying at UNI (mainly to satisfy parents while i am learning about entrepreneur stuff) dreams: -create a...

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