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  1. Dami-B

    Elements of Value - A great resource if you would like to build a pruductocracy

    I just came across this amazing gem of an article while reading the HBR and couldn't help but share it. This really brings to light the different value skews you can add to your business when building your products/services and also considering the MVPs...
  2. Dami-B

    If there was one problem...

    The Question: If there was One Problem right now in your business that's completely frustrating, and it doesn't involve getting a new customer, sales or marketing, and you would love to solve it immediately; what problem would that be for you? Reason Why behind the question. I've been...
  3. Dami-B

    What to do with sudden freed up time

    I run a fairly successful Digital marketing agency that has grown quite a bit during the past few years and as a result, freed up my time. This was a partnership I entered with a friend of mine that owns a widely successful digital marketing training which serves as a lead generation tool for...
  4. Dami-B

    Getting Fulfillment through Content

    Hey Fastlane Family, I currently run a digital agency that's focused on marketing analytics and Digital Training. Both are great products but with long lead times for gaining sales. The marketing analytics service has an average lead time of about 2 months to convert strangers into...
  5. Dami-B

    Thinking Big but Starting Small to Earn first $1

    I'm launching a crowdsourcing agency to link animators, videographers and content producers with brands and companies that need their service. It's a connection service where I intend to pool in about 1000 independent creators to start with and at the same time pitch agencies and brands who...
  6. Dami-B

    A Bird Can Fly... A Bird is Stuck in A Cage

    My scripted life has become very comfortable. I'm killing it at work, getting excellent results and after a year of working a Job, I've become really good at what I do. I work as a digital marketer and i've gathered so many skills working for an agency and helping clients improve their business...
  7. Dami-B

    Amazon now has its own 'Instagram'

    Just came across this on my linkedin feed "Amazon today is launching Amazon Spark, a new feature aimed at improving product discovery, which is seemingly inspired by Instagram and its use of shoppable photos. Similarly, Amazon Spark users are encouraged to post stories, ideas and images of...
  8. Dami-B

    LET GO!!!

    Some of you are like me. You are loyalist...To a fault. You don't give up easily. You hate the word quit. Failure is not in your dictionary. And you over-commit yourself to a goal, purpose, desire and sense of destiny, that the idea that it might not work, will not work or that you might be...
  9. Dami-B

    Another Launch in the Food Space

    I don't know why all my ideas are revolving around the food industry I'm launching another project, in addition to these one's. Its simple. Restaurants, Cafeterias, Cateras etc...
  10. Dami-B

    Why do you Do it?

    I love to run. Every morning, 6 times a week, then I rest on Saturdays. Just after my morning prayers and a little bit of stretching and water. I pick up my trainers, put some music and earphones with a torchlight in my hand. Then I'm off. You see I don't have to run, I'm lean and healthy and...
  11. Dami-B

    Launching a Cassava Flakes Processing Business

    This thread is being created to showcase my ongoing experience and knowledge on launching a cassava flakes processing business in lagos. I'v discovered in my interaction with the market through my last business (which failed horribly by the way) that there is a longing with customers for this...
  12. Dami-B

    What is the FIRST thing you need to know about Hiring

    This thread was created for the sole purpose of discussing our tricks and knowledge and intuition and gut system analysis and procedures and best time to hire and worst time to hire and yada yada. Basically everything involved in hiring your first employee, please let's share our experiences...
  13. Dami-B

    Find Your STAR in the DESERT!

    The Fulani are a nomadic tribe located in the hearts of the Sub-Sahara African desert often famous for their desert trips. Its important during this trips to know the stars, their positions and how they guide the traveler towards his destinations. Stars are important in life and business they...
  14. Dami-B

    How my Bro missed out on A FASTLANE opportunity

    Close to ten years ago, My brother and a very close friend of his embarked on an entrepreneurial journey together, they both started a B2B company in the I.T/software niche. They struggled for two years plus without any real progress. Then my brother got a Oil company Job offer, in which the...
  15. Dami-B

    Must Every FIRST Business of an Entrepreneur FAIL?

    He spent 6 months, No, Sorry 8 months, that's a lie, "a whole year" without sales, not one single customer. How? Well... First month - writing a Business Plan, (with the help of one of the best "investment analyst bankers" in the country, 40 pages long). Second Month - Market Analysis...
  16. Dami-B

    Managing Cashflow

    "Most Businesses don't need more cash they need more brains" - Mark Cuban. Managing cash flow is extremely f*cked up for a start up, your testing this and that, trying various alternatives, three months in and you've blown all your capital. But does this work all the time? Is this a general...
  17. Dami-B

    Good afternoon

    Hello Everyone, I'm Dami, 23 about to be 24 next week, finished my University education last year, and I'm looking to begin my entrepreneurial journey. I am extremely grateful to this forum and the amazing people and ideas within it. I started my company last year (January 1, 2014) and mehn do I...

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