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  1. Sparlin

    Fastlane 2k Challenge Record Thread

    For The Record :fineprint: This thread is where we'll track the results of the challenge. I need each contestant to start their own post and update within that box. This will keep information from getting mixed up. If you want to comment on the contest or razz another player, please do it...
  2. Sparlin

    Spam vs. Mods

    Place your bets ladies and gentlemen: How many Posts does it take for a Spammer to get banned? No names required, just type a number when you see it happening :) It's all in good fun and I may remove this thread, it just strikes me as funny when it's so obvious. example: so...
  3. Sparlin

    SEO being affected by Social Media

    This came in my email today so I thought I would post it for members interested in AM. What she talks about is general knowledge but might be helpful to people new to AM or who are building up their web business. Massive SEO & Social Media Changes Ahead! on Michelle MacPhearson
  4. Sparlin

    Mixergy: Mike Colella interview about AFF techniques

    I got this in my email, Mike shares some good tips for affiliate marketers and tells how he became successful. He is currently building a fastlane business model. (note: first minute of video is commercials) The $2.2 Million Affiliate Who Wouldn’t Let Me Interview Him – with Mike Colella |...
  5. Sparlin

    Taking "New York" out of the Stock Exchange (NYSE goes German?)

    It looks like an American Icon is being sold to a German entity: NYSE merger bad for NYC--Charles Gasparino -
  6. Sparlin

    No Place for your Face

    Fastlane or Fiendish? Facing the facts about saving "face". - Facebook Plans to Trademark the Word 'Face'
  7. Sparlin

    Not Made in the USA.

    Baseballs are one of the items listed as "Not In America". I just found out that Gerber's Baby Food is made oversees and now Busch Beer is going out. How do we stop the bleeding? 19 iconic products that america doesn't make anymore: Tech Ticker, Yahoo! Finance
  8. Sparlin

    Just an average Millionaire

    Many members here already know this to be true, but this article is a good reminder that being rich doesn't make one immune to being human. millionaire-myths: Personal Finance News from Yahoo! Finance
  9. Sparlin

    Goodbye Middle America

    I think there are some truths in this article as well as some political finger pointing. The fact remains, if the ship is sinking, what are you doing to survive. I'm seeing first hand some "middle class" families struggling like they haven't before. There is a problem; how are you part of...
  10. Sparlin

    MLM Debate

    This originated in the "Fastlane Website" thread and has developed into a friendly debate. I created this thread to maintain the other as a reference source. Thanks guys.
  11. Sparlin

    Google Adwords: image ad issues

    I just launched an ad campaign 2 days ago for a new affiliate program. From what I can tell everything should be fine. However I'm getting a message that the ads are not showing. Anyone else ever have an issue like this? I have a positive account balance, the image ads were approved, the...
  12. Sparlin

    Silver Surfer Strikes Again

    Flooding opens up sinkholes in Guatemala City - Yahoo! News Photos
  13. Sparlin

    Google's Best Search Page

    Google often changes it's logo, but today was different. Click Here: Google Info. about Today's design: Pac-Man 30th anniversary Google doodle turns homepage into game | Technology |
  14. Sparlin

    Rank Decoding Engine for Link Building

    I frequently get updates from Noble Samurai and they just directed their subscribers to this new software. It's a program produced by Crowd Mountain and explained by Michelle MacPhearson in her video. As I understand it, the software ranks various websites by their authority (amount of...
  15. Sparlin

    Drinking In Your Motivation

    Have you stopped to think,“How dedicated am I to my goals and projects?”. The reason I ask this question is because it's one that I've had to ask myself over the years. It seems to me that almost everyone has set goals; very few reach the ones the way they want to. So my question is, “What...
  16. Sparlin

    Tsunami in Hawaii / Japan

    The waves are hitting now, but seem to be small. More info here: Tsunami races across Pacific, threatens Hawaii - Yahoo! News
  17. Sparlin

    Progress Thread: Sparlin

    I realized something the other day. The ending of B&P marked 1 year since I joined this community. In this one year I have gained a tremendous amount of insight from people who are out there doing. In fact I've learned so much that I'm able to pass myself off "knowledgeable" even though I've...
  18. Sparlin

    You might be a Fastlaner

    If you celebrate after getting laid off from you might be a Fastlaner. :great: If you tip your doctor after a routine check up..... You might be a Fastlaner. :repuke: If your date says you move too Fast, and you think that's Good for your Reputation, …. You might be a...
  19. Sparlin

    Underground Coal Fire

    According to this, there is a large underground coal fire that has burned for decades. They say it will continue to burn for centuries. The video clip gives you an idea of what it's like. It's too bad someone can't figure out how to tap into all that waisted energy. Few remain as 1962 Pa...
  20. Sparlin

    Worst Of: 2009 Foreclosure list

    For those interested, this article lists foreclosure trends last year. Foreclosure plague: 2009's worst-hit cities - Yahoo! Finance=

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