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  1. AustinS28

    Austin code's an App in 10 days.

    Thought this could be fun. I'm not sure what I am going to do with this app. In 10 days it will not have the features that are worth a paid subscription, but it should have enough functionality for a good user experience. A lot has changed. My old business was not Fastlane. It was draining the...
  2. AustinS28

    Turning Away Customers who Can't Afford Your Prices

    I don't know if I'm looking for help or just seeing if anyone else deals with this... When I first started my business I'd take on any work. I'd slash my prices, I needed money, I was desperate. I never had this problem before but this past week I've already had two people wanting 25% less...
  3. AustinS28

    Laravel vs Codeigniter vs Fuelphp

    General question from someone who knows little about coding! Keeping it short and sweet, while discussing with a firm a software solution I am looking to have developed, I was asked what platform I wanted my product built on. I thought I had all my questions lined up, but obviously I didn’t...
  4. AustinS28

    Where Should I Register My Consulting Business?

    TLDR - Question at the end of the post :) I'm trying to expand my current business into something bigger. I have a concept I'd like to launch in my current neighborhood. I'm at the very least a year off from opening an actual brick and mortar location for the concept. My neighborhood is going...
  5. AustinS28

    Gratitude, A Little Goes a Long Way

    I run a service business thats success has been highly dictated through customer retention. I was cleaning my apartment tonight and I found some old papers from 2013…. I found two things. One was a list of hand written appointments, the other was a SNAP (supplemental nutrition assistance...
  6. AustinS28

    Vetting Mobile App Developers

    I'm in the process of hiring a mobile app development team for a rather large project. Long story short, I came up with an idea that's very unique, and can serve to create a value for a lot of people, making life a little easier. Even better I was able to sell the idea to one of my personal...
  7. AustinS28

    Keyword Optimization For Amazon (ecommerce newb)

    This week is a great week. I'll have my first ecommerce store setup and have 2000 pieces of inventory to sell. The manufacturer did a good job, and I'm happy my first time importing a product from overseas wasn't a disaster. Now the important part. Actually selling the product. It is a product...
  8. AustinS28

    Editing Services for First Ebook

    I just finished my first ebook tonight, yay! It's been a few months in the making and had a ton of rewrites. It's short (5000 words) and is going to be given away for free. I am starting a retail business using FBA, but have a website being constructed that will attract the type of people...
  9. AustinS28

    Pay my Rent through Ecommerce in 2016

    I felt like it'd be nice to get some new goals down on paper and that this forum was the spot to do it. As some know, I have a Personal Training business primarily servicing Midtown Manhattan, but do have some work in Lower Manhattan and Queens. I've had the absolute good fortune to have...
  10. AustinS28

    Need Help With Calendar For New Website

    Hey guys, been a while since I've last posted, but I do lurk often. A lot of good things have been going on and I've been busy, exhausted, but also the light at the end of the tunnel keeps me working as I know the type of hours I've been putting in will eventually pay off. I have a new...
  11. AustinS28

    Goals and Anticipating Achievement

    I just wanted to share that the number one thing that has kept me motivated and feeling fresh week in and week out is the ability to accomplish small goals which have often kept me hopeful even if things didnt workout as planned or have taken longer than expected. Constantly evolving keeps...
  12. AustinS28

    Writing - How Do You Keep Your Train of Thought?

    I'm writing a book and so far it's been fairly easy for me to add content (non-fiction). I have a goal of 500 words per day. I'm not a writer in the sense of what my current business is, but I am doing this to add something else I am passionate about to my current business. I'm writing a book on...
  13. AustinS28

    AMA - Personal Trainer

    I've been a lot more active on the boards recently and truly didn't realize what a wealth of information and people we have over here. I am also in a transitional phase where I am doing a lot of remodeling of my current business. I am 24 and will be 25 on the 28th of this month. I have 1 year of...
  14. AustinS28

    To Put Prices on a Website or Not - Service Business

    Hey guys, there is a lot of conflicting thought that I've read around this topic. I have a personal training business. I have a website I made myself, but it basically serves as an about me... I hired someone to make a new website with functionality. It's a lot of programming that I can't do...
  15. AustinS28

    Overwhelmed - Need Help

    In a few days I'll be self employed for a year. I've made more money running a personal training business this past year than I have ever before. I'm 24, a college drop-out and basically have taught myself through reading how to run a business. Sales and customer relations comes pretty natural...
  16. AustinS28

    Corporate Fitness

    Alright guys, I wanted to log my progress with self-employment. I am 24 and based in NYC. I am not doing this for accountability. I am very accountable and focused on my goals. I don't quit on things. If I have a failure, I pick back up and fix what went wrong. I am doing this to hopefully...
  17. AustinS28

    I never seemed normal until I came here.

    Just wanted to introduce myself. I am here to learn from the best, I am an entrepreneur just getting his feet wet. I became self employed several months ago. I live in NYC; I am a driven 24 year old with a lot of ideas, a strong work ethic and passion. I will be doing what I love to do for...

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