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  1. Xolorr

    21 Years Old , $7K + Cashflow Business - How I kicked my a$$ into gear after years of action faking

    GOLD! FTE 
    Wow, it's been a long time since I've been on this forum. Hey guys, I'm Xolorr. I'm 21 Y/O from South Africa, and here's my story of how I kicked my a$$ into gear, finally started making some bread, and have some actionable advice that won't be fun but has helped me go from a broke-a$$ 21 y/o...
  2. Xolorr

    Turned down corporate marketing job @ 20 with no degree

    Man, it feels good to be on the inside! I swore I would buy an insiders subscription when I made my first $1000 providing value to others, and it was one of the best promises I've ever made with myself. As you can tell from this post, I've hit that first milestone. If you go back on my account...
  3. Xolorr

    Spend a lot of time on your laptop? Here's a simple way to 2X your productivity & get **** done!

    *Not selling ANYTHING, just wanted to share my new To Do system (Which, believe it or not, you already have installed on your computer )* "Success is simple. It's making a list, crossing everything off the list, and then making another list." If you're anything like me, you spend HOURS a day...
  4. Xolorr

    Hyperrealities are TAKING OVER?

    Something popped up on an Instagram ad the other day, and it's really made me lose faith in humans with technology, but excites part of me, as well as confusing me with regard to it being a business opportunity or investment. So, there's a new platform coming around called Staramba, and it's a...
  5. Xolorr

    From Drop-shipping Wantrepreneur to Fastlane

    Hey Fastlane fam. Here's my progress thread/brain dump diary for my future business & life. I'm writing this to help clarify what I actually want to do and how I'm going to achieve it, as well as to gain insight and advice from everyone on the forum! Any criticism is wanted please, I believe...
  6. Xolorr

    19 year old, winging his way through life.

    Hey fastlane fam! My account is brand new, but I've been around for a while, surfing through various threads and action-faking for the last year or so. Finally I've made the decision to actually start posting, and documenting my journey towards the fast lane. So who am I? Just a 19 Year old...

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