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  1. ShepardHumphries

    My concern about REAL crypto

    When I say "real" crypto, I mean stuff like BTC, Monero etc. Meth and BTC currently both have value to some people, and this subjective value in the marketplace creates the "price." My concern is that in 5 years, once the central banks have their own centralized "cryptos" rolled out, both meth...
  2. ShepardHumphries

    MSM or Corporate Media?

    I had often used the term Main Stream Media." Recently, in listening to Michael Malice, I have decided I am participating in "their" propaganda by using it. Michael challenges, "Are the ideas expressed mainstream? Of course not." 80% or more people generally agree about most stuff . THEY are...
  3. ShepardHumphries

    Recommended forum software for talk radio show listeners to engage?

    I recently started a radio show, it is pre-recorded, and I have learned that listener involvement is important. I want to encourage my audience to "join the conversation" by going to a link. FaceBook: Lot's of high IQ, savvy folks (like people who have read Snowden) don't like it, many refuse...
  4. ShepardHumphries

    An unpopular perspective (video) regarding the response to C0VlD-19

    I am a small business owner, and The Response is hitting my business hard. I also enjoy pondering philosophy, human rights, etc. These are some thoughts from yesterday, what portions are untrue, inaccurate or otherwise lousy thinking? View:
  5. ShepardHumphries

    Good "Talents" or "Job skills" etc to have during good times and bad

    For the bored among you, I would love some input. I am finishing an Appendix in my in-progress book with a list of good skills to have during bad times. For example, a mechanic will do better than a gender-differences public relations advisor in "real world" times. I just stated the below list...
  6. ShepardHumphries

    Preparedness - Survival

    Because many of my clients had questions, I recently wrote an article. I am not suggesting that we are experiencing "bad times" right now, or that we will anytime in the future. Some people have concerns, others evaluate risk differently. For those of you that are interested in preparedness...
  7. ShepardHumphries

    Small business (Mobile Windshield Repair) marketing fails & wins

    I used to have a mobile windshield repair business and made a bunch of mistakes. This thread is to help you not make the same. If your business is not windshield repair, you might still notice and appreciate some of my bonehead moves. Vehicle magnet signs: I started out with a lot of...
  8. ShepardHumphries

    Shepard here...

    Hi all, my wife and I just finished listening to Unscripted, what a great book! As a Voluntaryist and an entrepreneur with non-conventional leanings, the book was a breath of fresh air. We started listening to it on a road trip as we left Fountain Hills AZ, where we had been staying at an...

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