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  1. Claude Roy

    Recommendations for where to move in Florida

    I went to West Palm Beach to visit my uncle 2 weeks ago and it reminded me how much I miss Florida. I've been in Mississippi for 2 years. I originally moved here because it's cheaper because I was just starting out my business. While it is indeed cheap, turning 31 somehow hit me more than...
  2. Claude Roy

    Quitting my 80k job, moving out of state to start a consulting business from nothing

    Sunday, I made the decision to quit my job in Florida that I'm miserable as a software developer and bet everything on myself to start a consulting business. Turning my should into a must. I put the notice in that I'm leaving at my apartment on Monday so I'm moving out on June 28. I haven't...
  3. Claude Roy

    Burning my boats: need tips to pick a new city to move

    Hey Guys, I took the bet on myself and I'm not renewing my lease here in Florida. I'm quitting my job, moving somewhere cheap and I'm going on my own. I looked at the cheapest places to live in the US so I've been looking at apartments. I found Mississippi, Georgia, Kansas and Alabama to all be...
  4. Claude Roy

    Anybody here just quit their job, burn their bridges and took massive action?

    Hey Guys, I'm wondering if anybody here has any inspiring story of quitting their job, betting everything on themselves and taking massive action until you make it? I had a f*cking FTE this week at my job, we'll I guess maybe FTM if I'm even writing this and haven't quit my job yet but I now...
  5. Claude Roy

    Brutally honest feedback on my progress on business, fitness, contribution and mental health goals

    Hey Guys, I've been on my entrepreneur journey for 2 years almost, I moved to Florida from Quebec to focus on my business and getting my journey started. I have been action faking as f*ck if I’m totally honest with myself. I've made some massive progress on fitness, mental health and...
  6. Claude Roy

    Is it a good idea to start a business where there's a ton of competition ?

    Hey Guys, I've been thinking about something that I'd love build. It started with a product that found me on Facebook and that I'm using and actually find useful, but I can see some 'twist' that I could add to it, but it's in the food niche where there's a lot of competition. It's in the...
  7. Claude Roy

    Update on goals that I set for myself until the Fastlane summit 2019

    Here's a little update on the goals that I set for myself in a thread that was created exactly for what we will achieve until the next Fastlane Summit. Completed my first Half Ironman. (I already registered for it, October 13 in NC) It's going really well, there's not even a month until the...
  8. Claude Roy

    Depression: Are any successful entrepreneurs even affected by it or do they just snap out of it?

    Hey Guys, Today, I wanted to talk about something that I haven't found a lot on and I know that it's not something fun to talk about, but I really think that it is important to do so. I recently came out of a depression that hit me really hard for a 2 months and before getting hit by it, I was...
  9. Claude Roy

    How to get rid of scarcity/jealousy/comparison of other's success?

    Hey Guys, I'm really not proud of that one, but I feel like I'm probably not the only one who has dealt with this issue at a certain point in their life. Basically, 5% of the time, I find myself feeling jealous when I see some people that are succeeding a lot more than I am in either financial...
  10. Claude Roy

    How do you decide which idea to pursue?

    Hey Guys, How did you pick one idea that you had and just go with it? I'm honestly feeling like I'm action faking a lot when I'm just searching for ideas. I'm browsing the net, asking questions on forums of what people need and I came out with a list of over 40 ideas that could be profitable. I...
  11. Claude Roy

    Have an idea for a mobile app, but not certain if the market is there.

    Hey Guys, I wanted your opinion on this because I've been hustling to find an idea of a project to start and I think I finally found out. I had fun yesterday making an app that would list every tweet that says: "Is there an app for" so I could get ideas and what people are searching for and...
  12. Claude Roy

    Time for another bold move? Should I boldly follow my intuition?

    Hey Guys, I would like to have your opinion on a situation that I'm facing. I am a software developer from Quebec City and I moved to Florida 3 months ago. I now have a job here where I make the most money that I've ever made, yet I feel totally unfulfilled when I'm being totally real with...
  13. Claude Roy

    Mindset to have about dating while building a business ?

    Hey Guys, I have a question for you all who are building their business and it is a question about dating. I have been single for a long time (over 3 years) and I'm now building an e-commerce business so I feel like I should not worry at all about girls and keep focusing on the business and...
  14. Claude Roy

    Another great interview with MJ (He's on fire)

    Hey Guys, Just wanted to share with you another really interview with MJ for a podcast named "KnowldegeForMen" (really applies to anyone). The interview is really interesting with really good tips and really interesting concepts like the feedback loop. Hope you enjoy ! Have an amazing day...
  15. Claude Roy

    MJ Interview on Simple Programmer !

    Hey guys, I just saw an interview of MJ on one of my favorite YouTube channel and I thought that it would be a good idea to share it with you guys. I was so pleased to see the interview in the same week that I joined the FastLane forum ! The interview talks about mindsets that are shared in the...
  16. Claude Roy

    I'm Claude, the vegan software developer

    Hey Guys, I'm Claude. I'm a 26 years old software developer. I am originally from Quebec, Canada but I just moved to Florida recently to focus on building my business and be financially free. I read the Millionaire fastlane last year and I re listened to it yesterday and I realized that MJ's...

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