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  1. J

    Distribution in USA - patented cat product

    Hi, I have my own physical product for cats (or maybe rather for humans :)) that I sell in Poland and Europe (Amazon). I would like to sell it also in USA. All I know about entering USA market is - it's completely horror, especially for small companies. So maybe here is someone who would like to...
  2. J

    Morale decrease

    Thank you all for pieces of advice. Now, I will finish preparing my items to Amazon FBA and then get some time off. I will also: - try to do some excercises - try meditation - more relax and time for myself (get time off) - just do nothing about my business for some days. - talk to a doctor...
  3. J

    Morale decrease

    Any details?
  4. J

    Morale decrease

    That's simple. Nothing works the way I would like it to work. There is no income, no sales and really low morale.
  5. J

    Morale decrease

    Lately I'm going through a dramatic morale decrease. I bet that we all feel this from time to time. But what are your ways with managing that?
  6. J

    Make an impression of being big - still works?

    Hi, in Milioner Fastlane MJ writes that he tried to make an impression of being bigger than his company was at the time. It was by adding some fake names on the contact site. As this book has been written a while ago, I'm asking what you think today about this kind of stuff. Is it still good...
  7. J

    How to test your IDEAS?

    Ok, so I understand that your way is: - check potential client groups on facebook if they are talking about problem you want to solve (if not, this is probably bad idea) - create landing page and get people from those groups to this landing page. Now, here are some more questions. What should...
  8. J

    How to test your IDEAS?

    Hi, I was wondering are there any good ways to test wheter your IDEA is good (there is a request for your planned product) or not. One thing that gets into my head is crowdfunding. You can get the feedback from people - you will get money or not. If not, then there's chance that your IDEA is not...
  9. J

    How to filter ideas?

    Hi, I have many, many, maaaany ideas. And I think that this is main problem of mine. Now, how you filter your ideas? I mean, my first criteria now is: "Can I afford now for doing this idea?" But after that I have still a lot of thinks I would like to do. I know that I should make one thing at...
  10. J

    Hello from Poland

    Hi, my name is Adam Jachocki. I am from Poland. First of all, I want to thank MJ for his "Milioner's Fastlane" – it’s really great piece of work, and I only wish I could read it a year earlier… I have been trying to get on the fastlane for several years but without any success. What’s more, I...

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