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  1. kaleidosam

    Which chain do you use to develop a block chain?

    Seven months have passed since I had a basic job to raise money to start a business. Now I've learned about solidity( Etherium language - Java based ) and I uploaded some apps. Now I want to use another chain to make other apps. The one thing I want to ask is which system did you use in...
  2. kaleidosam

    Escrow system?

    As you know, escrow system is so reliable that consumers don't need to worry about fraud. However, escrow system use more time than traditional trade. sometimes, someone can't believe escrow system also, because that's made by human. For this reason, customers( student, a retail dealer or any...
  3. kaleidosam

    How to help friends?

    I don't have any money, plausible job, any specific degree to help them. 1. One of them worries about future, what to do or what I gonna be. Sometimes, he says " I'm also worried about corona virus in U.S.(he lives in U.S.) 2. another of them has panic disorder which happens while he thinks...
  4. kaleidosam

    Need your help guru!

    I think that english is necessary for me because I want to learn more about blockchain and bitcoins to make others free. Plus : my major is material engineering. If I have much money, I'd like to use 3d printer to make any other stuff to make others life convenient. I get chance to go to...
  5. kaleidosam

    Returning to safety zone?

    I think that english is necessary for me because I want to learn more about blockchain and bitcoins to make others free. I get chance to go to America and study during vacation before march. It costs $2000/ 2months, I think it's expensive but worth it. I have focused in english so much that can...
  6. kaleidosam

    Anyone knows how o2o works?

    I earn $300/month by developing app payment system in buying cafeteria ticket. However, as Playstores' regulations become stronger, I need to find newer prey. I thought about building a factory, and I thought it would cost me a lot of money. I think the O2O system also costs a lot of money, but...
  7. kaleidosam

    Declaration) Making Difficult One To Easier

    After reading the first book completely, the second thought of reading was that I wish no one else would ever see the failures that I If 3D printing can be designed to touch even a high school student who is not a college graduate, I don't think I need to come to college, waste time, and be free...
  8. kaleidosam

    Application market registering, Is it a saturated market?

    As MJ did, I wanna compile apps to make public transportation convenient. I think that application compiling is yet saturated for someone who needs to be functional. But so many huge company can stole my idea by using money and employees. In this respect, what do you think about it? I don't...
  9. kaleidosam

    Hello I'm 22yrs old. I am studying material engineering in Korea.

    Since it's a greeting, I'll just briefly talk about the purpose of getting in here. I'm 22 years old, I'm student and I don't have a job to be a rich within 10 years. In my childhood, my father always said "The rich lost so many things to earn a lot of money". I do so many things(getting...

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