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  1. j0elsuf

    Ear Infection? Or Something Else?

    Alright, so I deal with this every three months or so. My right ear gets plugged up to where I can't hear out of it when I wake up. Like I'll get up to go to the bathroom and can't hear anything out of my right ear. I'll put in some ear drops and it'll often make things worse, plugging up the...
  2. j0elsuf

    J0elsuf's Daily Income And Accountability Journal

    So I got the idea of doing this from another community I was part of that was about overcoming distractions and escapism. Since I had to pay for that community and don't have to pay for this one, I figured that I may as well do this journal here instead. So the point of this journal is for me...
  3. j0elsuf

    Big Ol' List of Distractions...Feel Free to Add!

    Distractions are the number one thing that prevent people on the sidewalk like myself from doing anything of value. In this thread, I would like to provide a nice list of distractions that prevent any kind of productivity. Now this is not in any particular order or anything. There isn't like a...
  4. j0elsuf

    The Sidewalk Would Be An Upgrade For Me: J0elsuf's Intro And Story

    Have you ever met a guy who was pushing 40, is over 100k in debt, has practically no family, and very few friends but who hasn't completely given up on life yet despite numerous daily temptations to do just that? Well, you are in the presence of one now. Hi, I'm J0elsuf and I've discovered a...

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