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  1. Fasoon

    Don’t lurk, do this instead

    Thanks for this. The point about liking the content vs engaging really hit home with me. I guess in engaging with the content by writing does move a lot more of the grey cells and helps to internalize it a lot better.
  2. Fasoon

    Website idea to connect photographers with buyers

    This has been done before and you can learn from this site here Snappr Photography | Great Pro Photographers On-Demand Don't get intimidated if someone else has done or because of their size. That only shows that there is a demand. All you have to figure out is how you can better tailor your...
  3. Fasoon

    E-commerce: $100k in one hour

    This is an amazing read thanks for sharing so much insight. Would you have any pointers where I can learn more about the flows? Our business at this point makes the same turnover in 2 months rather than one hour (gulp) but we are getting there. Definitely agree on don't oversaturated with sales...
  4. Fasoon

    Hyperinflation starting? What's happening in your area? Post your ground reports.

    The recent hike in inflation is caused by US Federal reserve printing money like never before. I found this video to be a good explainer of the situation and comparisons with similar situations in the past. View:
  5. Fasoon

    I've Read UNSCRIPTED!

    I've listened to the book on Audible. It's full of great chapters that can be referenced back to
  6. Fasoon

    Silver Spoon with a terrible taste.

    Hey Razor cut, I have lived in the county for some 6 years now and for the whole time living here have been through many visas and visa agents. While there ia a vague opportunity in the future the only way to get to it would be to continue the current path of having a JOB and keeping the...
  7. Fasoon

    Silver Spoon with a terrible taste.

    Hey Guys, While I have been blessed in my life with great parents the life hasn't been all that sweet. And todays story has been motivated by another gut wrenching blow, but on that more shortly. I come from a little known country Latvia located in Eastern Europe where the rough weathers...
  8. Fasoon

    I've Read The Millionaire Fastlane!

    Just Finished the book, and loved the 2nd part of the book. I think the forum what you've found has a power of 1000 books and are super grateful for the work you've done.
  9. Fasoon

    So if you are born poor in a 3rd world shitpool, can you still make it? My Story.

    You've come a long way and I truly believe that the worst is already behind you. While some might find your background too confronting or even surreal to WW1 it can be as much of a blessing as a curse. Most people will never understand what you've come through but they don't have to as you're...

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