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  1. Mutant


    YOU HAVE NO CHOICE What am I talking about? We like freedom round these parts. We choose what we want to do & when. No boss breathing down our necks. We always have options. We're not beholden to anyone. Ah. There it is though. The first of the unfinished sentences we pretend is complete...
  2. Mutant

    Laser Eye Surgery / Lasik

    Seeing as I just typed this whole thing up for a fastlaner, I figured I may as well share here too incase any else goes looking for opinions on whether or not to get laser eye surgery! Ok, so here's my overall thoughts on laser eye surgery, some of which might not apply to you, but just in...
  3. Mutant

    How to look juicier to investors

    FUNDRAISING IN THE UK SCENE ONE INT. DAY. MEETING ROOM. A UK TAXPAYER LOOKS TO INVEST IN A BUSINESS INVESTOR: I'm interested in your start-up. It's obviously splendid, but I'm still weary of losing all my money. What can you do to protect my downside? I'm considering putting £10,000 in. YOU...
  4. Mutant

    How a $multibillion company educates itself

    This past week through one of my freelancing roles, I was working at a conference being held by a huge multi-national company for a few hundred of their leadership team. They must've spent hundreds of thousands on this thing. Without giving away any of their specifics, here's a few take aways I...
  5. Mutant

    Entrepreneurship Camp

    So before I start, I'm not affiliated with this in any way, nor have I been. Some of you may find this interesting/useful though, so I thought I'd share: Sovereign Academy – Entrepreneurship. Mentorship. Network. They call it a five day "liberty & entrepreneurship camp" & it is a non-profit...
  6. Mutant

    Nomad Capitalist Offer

    For those of you interested in offshoring &/or second citizenships &/or living abroad, Nomad Capitalist Andrew Henderson has just launched his first book on that stuff, & is doing an offer to help launch sales figures. I have absolutely zero affiliation with this, I'm just putting it here cause...
  7. Mutant

    A London mutant, looking to start a business

    Hello! I'm Mutant, hailing from sunny London, UK. Or at least it will be sunny at some point this year. Probably. Ok, so I've never found the idea of 40+ years of 9-5 to seem like a good deal. I've always found I "crave autonomy and the creative license to pursue work that matters." (nicely put...

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