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  1. abinge05

    Article from How Fitness Can Ensure Smooth Entrepreneurial Journey

    I've found, after getting back into my workout routine after prolonged absences, that it takes about a week for the benefits to fully emerge, but once they do, it's a game changer. No question that consistent exercise takes productivity to a new level. Morning exercise is THE most important part...
  2. abinge05

    How much are/were you making at your slowlane job?

    About $110K before quitting to go to business school. Would love that job now, quite frankly, because I had delegated so much work that I only had to do a couple of hours a day. Would have left tons of free time to work on my current business. But then again, I wouldn't have developed the...
  3. abinge05

    Banker Turned Food Entrepreneur

    Yes, I tried working something out with a church, they didn't seem very interested though. It's like a chocolate-oat cluster with a little twist ;)
  4. abinge05

    Banker Turned Food Entrepreneur

    No progress thread yet, may start one soon. I'm doing nighttime snacks, something that's healthier than what a lot of people eat at night. There's more to it, don't want to disclose that yet though. By commercial kitchen, it's a kitchen with proper government approvals to manufacture food for...
  5. abinge05

    I've Read UNSCRIPTED!

    Read this too!
  6. abinge05

    I've Read The Millionaire Fastlane!

    Read it!
  7. abinge05

    Banker Turned Food Entrepreneur

    Hi everyone – I'm Andrew, 31 years old, graduated from b-school (MBA) in May, and am working on a snack food project. I came across this forum/community while researching for my project, and it’s been great. Big thank you to everyone who has shared their knowledge to help newbies like me. Loved...

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