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  1. ycee

    Anyone running an Influencer Marketing program to grow their business? [Need Feedback]

    With customer trust moving towards independent influencers and FB ads getting worse, more and more brands are shifting towards Influencer marketing as a higher ROI channel to grow. If you are running an influencer program, you must've experienced all the problems that come with running one...
  2. ycee

    AMA - I built a software company worth 8 figures

    Nice one @Ravens_Shadow - thank you for sharing. I'm currently in the ideation and market testing phase of building my first SaaS. How did you find the pain/idea for your business? Was it just scratching your own itch or something more than that? Any tips to find business ideas with 7-fig+...
  3. ycee

    100-Year Old Advertising Concepts you can Apply Today [Timeless]

    Scientific Advertising, published in 1923, as the Bible of the advertising world. Pretty much every direct response advertiser(including David Ogilvy) learned a great deal from Claude Hopkins. Here are 10 pieces of timeless advice you can use to adjust the way you do marketing for your...
  4. ycee

    From 0 To $240,000 Per Year PROFIT In 18 Months (Acquisition Entrepreneurship)

    Wow @doitman that's crazy progress for 18 months. Question: Where did you find these businesses to buy? I've heard of Empireflippers and MicroAcquire, curious if you have any ways to find these hidden gems.
  5. ycee

    Idea: A virtual clinic SaaS for doctors

    Hey Dennis, I built a landing page and sent cold emails to about 200 doctors. Nobody signed up. Then I spoke with a few doctors I connected with on LinkedIn. The overall consensus was that this is a shortlived idea. People would move on to physical consultations once COVID normalizes as...
  6. ycee

    How do I choose my MVP?

    Hey Fastlaners, I'm working on a remote consultation platform, similar to Jane App - Practice Management Software for Health & Wellness Practitioners. It would be a platform for doctors to set timings, send special links to patients, collect payments, take video consultations, and give...
  7. ycee

    Idea: A virtual clinic SaaS for doctors

    Got it, thanks. This looks more like a marketplace model than a virtual clinic, but yeah it's in a similar space. I've come across similar websites before, they seem to be taking cuts from the doctors' consultation charges/charging a markup to the patients. My solution would be more of a B2B...
  8. ycee

    Idea: A virtual clinic SaaS for doctors

    Sure, you can DM me the link. I'll check it out!
  9. ycee

    Idea: A virtual clinic SaaS for doctors

    Since most doctors are also WFH, i.e. consulting patients from home. Their processes are disorganized. They'll either call their patients on whatsapp or skype, the timings may not be clear, the patient might now show up, it's difficult to collect payments, etc. It's also difficult to...
  10. ycee

    Intense job at a startup. What kind of side business can I build?

    Hey guys, I'm fresh outta college. 21. Studied engineering. I interned at a startup for the last 4 months, they are now offering me a full time job since I've graduated. This startup is in the B2B fintech space, I get to work with the CEO and investors first hand, got to learn a lot of shit in...

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