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  1. bakhman

    Have you ever used a freelancing copywriting site?

    This has been my experience as well, sadly. Even though they have good reviews (which means even the clients have shit taste), and their advertisements or examples they show off look great, the product they actually give you is lackluster by nature - they expect you to just accept it and not bug...
  2. bakhman

    Business Ideas in Non-Congested Markets

    I recently tried buying some pharmaceutical product from the UK. Priced at 8 pounds. Shipping was nearly 50 pounds. I feel ya right now. But hey, prescription medication could be it - you'd just have to learn a lot of the laws in each country. For some reason, USA is against topical ibuprofen...
  3. bakhman

    Ice vending machines

    I wonder if there are any other products that could be vended other than ice? What about oil, bulk coffee, or tools/accessories? It's still a neat idea and good enough of a niche..
  4. bakhman

    Done with China. New life in San Francisco. [intro]

    This is absolutely my route and I'm glad you've affirmed it. Don't want to piss away money that I earned from that soul-sucking country. Particularly since I'm not familiar with legal taxonomy or the local laws of the city I'm about to move to (I just learned what "Pro Se" means). This will...
  5. bakhman

    Done with China. New life in San Francisco. [intro]

    Hah, you are certainly in the know. Fortunately, they are only going after tutoring agencies, while I was working for actual international high schools / colleges. So the crackdown had no affect on me, but Shenzhen was grating on my nerves, and there's only so much mental anguish I could handle...
  6. bakhman

    Done with China. New life in San Francisco. [intro]

    Aloha folks ~ 33-year old, born in Chicago, got a couple degrees in Engineering from top ranked universities. Lived and nerded out in various cities across the Pacific. Remained broke as hell until 28, when teaching Physics / Engineering became a viable option in Shenzhen (and still is!). Now...

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