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  1. Zooman009

    I found something I finally am ready to start executing on!

    Roughly 5 years back when I was 14, I had pretty severe acne, so we went to the doctor and I had Accutane prescribed to me. The issue was that it caused all of my skin to be incredibly dry and especially my nose and lips to the point where it hurt. I would be bleeding from the cracking that was...
  2. Zooman009


    To start, this is the best thread I could find for my situation. I've been wondering if any of you have had to deal with this. Last month, PayPal and venmo both permanently banned me from using their services, and after contacting both of them, I learned that they don't even have to tell me why...
  3. Zooman009

    Why is it that Ideas Don't Exist?

    Why is it that new ideas don't exist? Let me elaborate on that. I find myself spending all my time generating ideas for different businesses and products. but then it feels like I'm an action faker. Cause every last one of those Ideas that I look into, end up having been already made after a...
  4. Zooman009


    I’ve been thinking about how Frankenstein and David copperfield were released in sections rather than a final published work, and I half wonder if that could be a really cool thing you revive. Something similar to where every month, a new letter or piece of the story is sent in the mail to...
  5. Zooman009

    I'm 18...

    Now I want to get two things out of the way. First, I know I'm eighteen and have a long life ahead of me. Second, I'm moving somewhere for two years where I won't be able to do anything on the internet or do business in probably fall 2021. So that takes me to where I'm on what feels like a time...
  6. Zooman009

    Ecommerce - Finding high quality traffic

    I recently decided on a certain style of clothing that I wanted to sell. I'm extremely fond of it and I've shown it to many people who say that they love the design and would want to get it. The problem is that when I try to run paid ads, I get no conversions. I have no clue if it's my website...
  7. Zooman009

    Not frustrated at all

    So. Yesterday I was doing doordash to make some money, but I thought I had lost my red card. So I reported it as lost and then within 20 minutes I found it. Now I’m waiting for my new one to come, but I chose standard shipping cause I’m an idiot and I thought that I could continue to dash w/o my...
  8. Zooman009

    Had an idea

    I have an idea for an ointment to help people with a problem that nearly everyone has. Problem is that it’s got essential oils in it, and I’m not exactly sure how to navigate the maze that is the law. I looked at the FDA website and it sounds like (with the claims I want to make) it’s a drug. So...
  9. Zooman009

    One post doesn’t change a life.

    I joined the fastlane forum recently declaring that I was going to avoid becoming scripted or following the slowlane. But afterwards, I’ve done absolutely nothing but action faking. I’ve been listening to books, and watching YouTube videos, but I haven’t acted on ideas or even decided much at...
  10. Zooman009

    6 years of inaction

    Hello family! This summer I just turned 18. Coincidentally, I also read TMF and am reading UNSCRIPTED. Since I was 12, I saw Kickstarter and indiegogo campaigns, which showed me an early introduction to the fact that the Slowlane isn't necessary. Since then, I've been slowly learning and...

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