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  1. safff

    Is location everything?

    now deleted :)
  2. safff

    Just F***ing do SOMETHING.

    So I was holding off posting this despite writing it a few months ago. I had another progress thread about my ambitions to start a business I had always wanted to pursue, motivating myself to get started, making plans, fixing mindsets and so on. The problem was that I was seriously...
  3. safff

    Not bad..

    Hey guys, I wanted to share something that I've found had surprising results with myself, and it'd be cool to see if it does with anyone else. Towards the beginning of the year and up until a month or two ago, life's felt a bit of a drag. Family illnesses, purchasing a home and the added...
  4. safff

    People are sheep..

    I found the above an interesting experiment and if you scratch beneath the surface it it makes you question a lot of your inner workings especially as an entreprenuer. Whilst I'm fairly sure that I wouldn't have stood, would I have questioned it in my head? Perhaps felt a little anxious because...
  5. safff

    an unexpected 30% boost in sales revenue

    OK I know many will say 'well duh' to the following but it's something that didn't occur to me until recently. I have a couple of websites that steadily sell digital products. for up to $49 aud. I noticed that my sales were generally from all over the place, mostly America and Europe, so decided...
  6. safff

    Is Paypal Bad for business?

    So I've been expanding my e-commerce stores over the last few months which has involved some amateur mistakes and frustrations. Most of which a) Paypal integration with my ecommerce solution causing timeouts and numerous dropped carts (to the tune of $1500). People who have disputed purchases...
  7. safff

    What shortcomings do you notice in the conduct of businesses you interact with?

    I generally make a conscious effort not to be too concerned with what other people do/don't do, or be too annoyed by actions that don't effect me.. But every now and then when dealing with people as they go about their general business, I just see examples of what I immediately take on board as...
  8. safff

    Any 'Boosted Post' facebook successes out there?

    Hey guys So I hear a mixed endorsment for boosting facebook posts. It seems a no brainer on the surface but in practice I'm struggling with them. Boosted a few posts to countries like India, Indonesia etc as one of my pages would include a broader market as an experiment and the likes come...
  9. safff

    Relationships & entrepreneurship

    So firstly apologies for the agony aunt style post, but I ask here because as opposed to some problem pages because I genuinely value the input that I read on here form people who are perhaps more like minded in terms of ambitions as opposed to friends who don't do anything that is 'too hard'...
  10. safff

    How to play this situation, my first lesson in importing

    So, I'd like opinions if you wouldn't mind on the below scenario. I thought of a niche and found a supplier, after discussing the requirements, I was happy, provided a rough design and agreed a cost of $300 for a sample which I paid. double notmal cost but half refundable if I make an order. I...
  11. safff

    How long do you chase a particular fastlane venture for?

    Hey guys, just trying to see what 'rules' other people go by when pursuing their goals. I'm feeling a little.. Demotivated isn't quite the word, apprehensive perhaps, about my ambitions and plans. I guess in part it's a case of the 'what ifs', coupled with the 'maybe I should keep to what I...
  12. safff

    'change' starts with an event. Events only take a moment.

    Apologies if this is in the wrong section.. Change isn't always instantaneous, but It only takes one event to start the process of change. An event occurs in just a second. It's not a huge event in this instance, which I'm sure many on here have had several of; but I thought I'd share as it's...
  13. safff

    Can business and love mix?

    So I've read the 'what to do if your partner is a slowlaner' thread, but I'd like to hear from people who have partners who are supportive of their ambitions? And to what degree, ie does anyone out there actively work with their partners? It's a strange one for me. I haven't been with my...
  14. safff

    Mindset - a case of perspective or rationale?

    Bit of a long waffle that may not make sense, awake for 48 hours and well overdue a nap! So, something I've been thinking about lately after reflecting on places I've been in the past, things I think about daily and what I see in others and after having a conversation with a person I met who...
  15. safff

    SEO, when is it worth paying for?

    Hey guys, So I've started a small e commerce store, with the intention of learning the ropes before my "main" business is up to speed and requires it. My question really is whether SEO worth paying for in the early days? Is it only worth it at a certain turnover point? Is it something that is...
  16. safff

    Transitioning out of the slowlane..

    So I've been putting off posting a progress thread, partially because I guess I wanted to absorb as much information as possible, partly because I didn't want to put too much out there, and partially because over my younger years I'd gotten into an aweful habit of not saying anything if I don't...
  17. safff

    Came up with a website, how can I protect it?

    Hey all, So the short story is that essentially I have come up with an idea for a website as a side-project to my business and got on a roll one night and built the simple site, have the concept, the terms and conditions penned out, the general workings all covered. Im now at the point where I...
  18. safff

    Patience, waiting and wasted time..

    So I've taken a few steps lately to put myself on the path I want to tread and the stars are starting to align. I think it was Abe Gubegna that said : "Every morning in Africa, a gazelle wakes up, it knows it must outrun the fastest lion or it will be killed. Every morning in Africa, a lion...

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