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  1. Forodstar

    Hiring some kind of business / execution coach

    Just an interesting follow up, a potential client, one of these domestic leaders tech sector 1000 employeesish, a CTO (personal contact from being involved with startups and getting wasted a lot at some point), saw they were hiring Agile Coaches in 3 locations so I thought I would pitch him with...
  2. Forodstar

    Hiring some kind of business / execution coach

    Nice replies folks. That was helpful sound boarding. Got what you have been saying. Some broad themes I took from your posts. 1) Keep doing what I am doing it's ok. Be at peace. The trajectory is alright. 2) Find some kind of burning why. 3) Sucking at execution, ok. Rather play to the...
  3. Forodstar

    Hiring some kind of business / execution coach

    Hey folks, So it's official I suck at execution. Ok it's pseudoscience I did something called Clifton strengths (50 dollars I will never see again) and it came back with me having absolutely no execution skills in my top 10 (34 total skills). I don't highly recommend doing the test I just did...
  4. Forodstar

    Building Product Management skills

    So I was talking to a friend of mine (in IT product management) and I asked him.. man why are you in still in the company, you could at least work as a contractor and earn way more. And he said to me: I am learning how to build products and that is primary not earning money in the short term...
  5. Forodstar

    Best Way to Move from EU to US? Any Success Stories?

    My wife got offered I think L1 visa. Something like work for a US subsidiary and then moved to HQ. It was a headache for me even if we got married for me to get work permission as well in the end we decided against. The US immigration system in my view is broken and the rhetoric on immigration...
  6. Forodstar

    Building software and want results?

    Do you really want to quickly build quality software? Have you got what it takes? Building software is complex from start to finish. Do you need someone to reduce the pain and improvement the smoothness of delivery? I want to help you and your business succeed. I believe in constantly...
  7. Forodstar

    Living Overseas Thread

    Going from UK to Czech to UK to Czech to Austria to Czech. Czech wife, now Czech sole trader setup. I think it has given me more opportunities than I ever would have imagined and allow me to build skills fast and move quickly upskilling in slowlane jobs.
  8. Forodstar

    Ebook created - what next?

    The value in the book is it helps the reader achieve something professionally. There are other books in a similar vein.
  9. Forodstar

    Ebook created - what next?

    Make that 6000 words lol. Edited for clarity.
  10. Forodstar

    I am peter

    Hi Peter you are here and you are a hero. Welcome.
  11. Forodstar

    Ebook created - what next?

    Hi friends, So I have written a 6000 words ebook on my niche, I might sneak it to 10,000 with a bit of persistence Now I am wondering how to interact with the market mind. I know I should have done this already but there you go, you live and you learn. Context I am IT contractor and the...
  12. Forodstar

    How to profit from Brexit?

    Immigration/Emigration for workers and/or overseas study consultants EU to UK or UK to EU. General Brexit business consulting for companies trading across borders i.e. tax consulting, risk management.
  13. Forodstar

    What made you pull the trigger and start your first business?

    Hi all, I have done some freelancing and I have done some corporate. I almost started a business a few years ago, my card failed as I tried to pay for the business! My question, is what was the catalyst that made you start your first business?
  14. Forodstar

    How long did it take your to make your first 10k a month?

    I appreciate you mean well. But you have to start somewhere. Yeah for you 1 dollar might be nothing. But for me it is my first dollar made on the internet. It means something different. Ok, a dollar a month forever is not going to make any one rich. The importance of course is exponential...
  15. Forodstar

    How long did it take your to make your first 10k a month?

    Find a way a round it. Not sure if you could set up an LTD or use a different money processing site. I would guess you need to focus on scale. How can I get my business to reach more people? You may realise that your niche is limited and you need to change it. Anyway, sounds like you are doing...
  16. Forodstar

    How long did it take your to make your first 10k a month?

    Making 0.5-1 dollar passive income this month which is infinity more than the previous month. I hope it is still motivating. My guess is if you find away to make 5 dollars passive income a month you would be well on your way to making 10000.
  17. Forodstar

    Twitter on the Deathwatch

    Hmmmm I respectfully disagree with the premise of this thread. To play Devil's advocate and because I think Twitter is great. IMO twitter's advantages. 1. Live response to events 2. Easy connection with strangers unlike FB, linked in ect. 3. hash tag system has become everyday parlance on the...
  18. Forodstar


    For mmorpg games, just give your account away or sell it. I played Runescape, I just gave it away on a forum. Great decision. For video/computer games, delete it or give it away. Leave the game forums, change your social circle. Start the real game, life... Who sets the missions now...
  19. Forodstar

    Quote of the Day - QOTD

    There is no need for plan B as it distracts from plan A.
  20. Forodstar

    Two questions that MIGHT change your life.

    Can a customer buy my product/service anytime/anywhere in the world? How can I get more customers (my first customer)? These are the two questions that have changed and continue to change my life.

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