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  1. Forodstar

    Hiring some kind of business / execution coach

    Hey folks, So it's official I suck at execution. Ok it's pseudoscience I did something called Clifton strengths (50 dollars I will never see again) and it came back with me having absolutely no execution skills in my top 10 (34 total skills). I don't highly recommend doing the test I just did...
  2. Forodstar

    Building Product Management skills

    So I was talking to a friend of mine (in IT product management) and I asked him.. man why are you in still in the company, you could at least work as a contractor and earn way more. And he said to me: I am learning how to build products and that is primary not earning money in the short term...
  3. Forodstar

    Building software and want results?

    Do you really want to quickly build quality software? Have you got what it takes? Building software is complex from start to finish. Do you need someone to reduce the pain and improvement the smoothness of delivery? I want to help you and your business succeed. I believe in constantly...
  4. Forodstar

    Ebook created - what next?

    Hi friends, So I have written a 6000 words ebook on my niche, I might sneak it to 10,000 with a bit of persistence Now I am wondering how to interact with the market mind. I know I should have done this already but there you go, you live and you learn. Context I am IT contractor and the...
  5. Forodstar

    What made you pull the trigger and start your first business?

    Hi all, I have done some freelancing and I have done some corporate. I almost started a business a few years ago, my card failed as I tried to pay for the business! My question, is what was the catalyst that made you start your first business?
  6. Forodstar

    Two questions that MIGHT change your life.

    Can a customer buy my product/service anytime/anywhere in the world? How can I get more customers (my first customer)? These are the two questions that have changed and continue to change my life.
  7. Forodstar

    Best Camera for video creation?

    Hi folks, I am in the video creation game and I love it. So far I have been using a rubbish camcorder and ipad. I want to step it up. I am looking for: all in one solution - ie hd video and high quality audio Easily portable can be used outside suits the selfie style of filming if it is...
  8. Forodstar

    Eastern Europe?

    Hi folks, I am currently living in the Czech Repubic. I would love to hang out with like minded people. I would go as far as Prague, Budapest, Krakow, Bratislava... Or maybe more of an online cooperation mastermind with possibilities of meeting up sometimes. Bonus if you are: British expat...
  9. Forodstar

    Setting up an e-shop.

    Hi folks, Really looking to set up an e-shop. I have customers from all around the world so multiple methods of payment would be ideal. I am a real noob at this. I mean lots of people use paypal but I have heard many horror stories about them. I am currently using a third party to generate...
  10. Forodstar

    What books/reading materials made you take ACTION in 2014?

    I have read more Fastlane books this year than ever before and yet I have taken very little action. I was inspired by @Kyle Tully words about taking action on the information you find. __ "A few concepts that have proven useful for myself and a few people I've shared them with: 1. Just in...
  11. Forodstar

    How do you plan?

    Right the law of attraction brigade says write your goal down and keep look it in and have faith in it. i.e. Cool story bro. So now I know what I want. But the trouble is I have no idea how to get there. So my question is how do you plan. Do you...
  12. Forodstar

    Recommend a formatting course

    Hi folks! Do you do your formatting yourself? If so, how did you learn? I am really looking for a video course that shows me exactly what to do. The program, how to make paragraph, chapter breaks, adding covers ect. Word/text doc to kindle/epub Any recommendations? Much appreciated!
  13. Forodstar

    “Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food.”

    Or so a Greek physician once said. Do you pay a massive amount of intention to your diet? What your tips and hints to eating yourself healthy? My tips: Chew Sit down Chill Be with friends or family Put the utensils down between bites Cook your own Medicine: (where food has acted as...
  14. Forodstar

    Let go of perfectionism.

    I remember Steve Palina, some dodgy self help guru, said something like: go for it make a rubbish website about salt, just do it, you'll learn a lot and you'll stop blocking yourself. So that's what I did today. I made a landing page and got it hooked up with a mailer client. Then made a fake...
  15. Forodstar

    Newsflash! Write copy like the masters...

    Dear Hesitant Fastlaner, Can you afford not to learn from the fathers of profitable advertising? Not the guys in funny suits who make abstract car videos but the guys who made millions of dollars just sending people letters? Why not take the 30 day copywriting challenge as outlined by Gary...

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