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    Business cards...

    In my experience, there are 3 classes of cards that get noticed: 1. The extremely unique cards - unconventional size, plastic (see-through), etc. 2. The extremely cheap cards - Have perforated edges from your home printer, look generic, mis-spelled words, etc. 3. Cards from someone that...
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    Is There Profit In Non-Profit?

    As everyone has stated above, there is big money in NP's. If you are considering NP status, biggest reason to NOT go NP is usually due to exit strategy and investors that are involved.
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    100% Return, $1mm > $3mm: 2 years

    6.0 is on the right track. Keep in mind that you can always flip your REO packages and make a ton of short-term cash. We have seen buyers own packages for less than 8 hours. If you are buying as rentals, there are a lot of costs involved and REO could kill someone that doesn't have the...
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    5 ways to piss off an entrepreneur...

    Re: 5 ways to piss off an entrapreneur... You always can tell that someone is NOT an entrepreneur when they come to you with a list of reasons why they couldn't complete a task/job rather than a list of items that need to be overcome to complete the task/job. I had an operations manager who...
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    transfer properties to LLC

    Liability is the primary reason that people transfer deed to an LLC. Most (if not all) attorneys will advise you to use single purpose LLC's for real estate. This means that the LLC or "company" only exists for the sole purpose of holding/owning the underlying real estate. You would not want...
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    What does it feel like?

    I remember the year when I first realized that I had made 6 figures. It instantly made me mad, as I was trying to figure out where the money went. Not trying to rain on your parade, but 6 figures really doesn't get you that far. It's a good milestone, but that's about it.:smxF: Oh well...
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    Looking for private financing...

    M&T, I was trying to help you. Don't take it the wrong way. To answer your question, yes. Both residential and commerical. I have been extensively involved in financing, I am currently in the process of purchasing some class A office space, a small multi-fam complex and a strip mall...
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    Looking for private financing...

    M&T, I think everyone is confused here. I don't think that we quite understand what you are trying to accomplish? As far as financing goes, banks and institutional lenders are always the cheapest source of money and typlically have the fewest convenants and restrictions once the deal is...
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    Real Estate Investment Plan

    It's great that you have taken the time to outline your goals and planned acquisitions. However, in real estate, it's almost impossible to have a narrowly defined 10 year plan. Look back at the last 10 years, its been crazy. No one has been able to accurately predict anything. You have to be...
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    Preforeclosure doorknocking scripts

    You are correct. Nothing that we do would ever fall under the catagory of being a "foreclosure consultant," as black and white as the line between being a consultant may seem, there are ways (disclosures, etc) to prevent yourself from falling under that particular designation. We are in...
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    Does this business exist?

    Is this what you're looking for?
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    Need advice on how to spend money

    When I was your age, I did the same thing. I spent money on new cars and motorcycles (LOTS of money). Looking back, it was incredibly stupid. I could have saved that money and turned it into much more. Like others said, the fun wears off and then you want something else. Its a...
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    $20,000 a month (gross)

    Like Diana said, shoot higher. If you're going to go through the effort of starting your own biz (your own biz = liability, long hours, high expenses, etc), you should be upset when you ONLY make $20k, not happy when you do!:)
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    How much positve cashflow is typical?

    To answer your question about the SFR and condo; when we used to finance a property at 100%, we looked for $250 in monthly cash flow PLUS some other value position. Cash-out on the front, significant equity, etc. When putting cash into a deal, we figure out what we need for a cash return (if...
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    Preforeclosure doorknocking scripts

    Communication with the homeowner during the foreclosure process is a very touchy subject. You have to be aware of the fact that the times leading up to foreclosure (and during) are extremely stressful and embarassing for the homeowner. More often than not, they have not told neighbors, friends...
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    How did you find your last deal???

    There are TONS of deals out there right now. Your best bet is networking with professionals in the business. There are some very good groups out there now that finding deals, preforming the 1st phase of research, and then passing them off to investors within their "network." You just have to...
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    Buying Investment Property

    That's a good "buying 101" article. The problem with getting into the income property game is that many people don't know how to accurately read the income and expenses. People also forget that every investor is going to run at a different expense margin. Example - Your cost of...
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    question about financing

    Hi Randall, I appologize for the delayed response, I have not been on the forum for awhile. The market has been crazy and we have been working long days to take advantage of it. Anyway, the seller financed amount was just over $9M. The rate is floating at 100 bps over the 12 month LIBOR...
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    Hard Money Loans

    Please describe the "types" of projects that you are looking for funding for. I am assuming they are residential? I have rarely seen an instance where hard money truely made sense in a residential transaction. For residential transactions, I recommend: -Finding a residential mortgage...
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    Finance Question's ?

    Yes, and depending on what the seller's initial purchase price was and how they have handled the property from a tax perspective, it could create some capital gains issues.

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