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  1. Val Okafor

    Need an Accountability Partner? Find One Here...

    Software Engineer here as well, making the transition to entrepreneurship, would like to connect
  2. Val Okafor

    Need an Accountability Partner? Find One Here...

    I am San Diego, and looking for an accountability partner
  3. Val Okafor

    Crypto Fastlane Opportunities for Non-Programmers - Do they exist?

    Wow that's a massive action list, thanks for sharing, lots of nuggets even for a technical guy like me
  4. Val Okafor

    Stripe, Atlas, Firstbase, and such services. Can anyone share their experiences?

    I hire people from Pakistan, Sri Lanka, and India, most times I pay them through Upwork, but sometimes I pay them through WorldRemit. Do you have clients that you have completed work for who are looking to pay you right now? If not, you may not have the need to incorporate yet, you need to get...
  5. Val Okafor

    How to monetize an app which is not a SaaS?

    As others have suggested, grow the user list first. To do this, think about other ways you can make this app useful. The holiday is coming, can you provide gift ideas? Take a look at this app, all it does is provide people travel packing list suggestions and it makes more than $6K monthly...
  6. Val Okafor

    Hang out in Google Meet while I show you real-world programming skills

    Great concept. I am motitvated to do the same!. I work for a public traded company so I can't share my slow lane work but I push the button with my side project soon to become full-time gig so I can share that. Never thought of it, thanks for inspiring me.
  7. Val Okafor

    Another software developer changing course

    Welcome aboard, software development is a valuable skill that you can leverage to plot your way to financial freedom. Hopefully you don't abandon that skill.
  8. Val Okafor

    Journey to top 20% as a solopreneur

    Big Hi 5 for all the action you have taken. Your actions will definitely lead to results. Focused actions tend to lead to results more predictably, and it does not appear to me that your actions are concentrated. Regardless of what path you take, from my experience, it takes a lot of focused...
  9. Val Okafor

    I'm Here for My Three Sons

    Welcome. I applaud your desire to share enlightening information with your boys. As Les Brown says, it's not what you leave behind for your kids that matters, it's what you leave in them. As a father of three myself, I am very deliberate in making sure I leave meaningful information and example...
  10. Val Okafor

    Elementor Pro or Code with Angular?

    Both @George Appiah and @alfosua have already answered your question. The simple answer is to use WordPress or any COTS (Commercial Off-the-shelf Software). As a Software Engineer who earns a living writing code, I want to triple emphasize that you do not learn Angular or learn to code so...
  11. Val Okafor

    Can we smoke weed in the entrepreneurial world?

    Don't smoke weed. Because I never have and never will. There you have it, you asked us to tell you how to live your life. The real answer is that it's up to you. As a client I would prefer to deal with a vendor who does not smoke weed. Personal preference.
  12. Val Okafor

    Udemy censored my tinder texting course

    Too bad, that is what happens when you play in a platform you don't own. Commandment of control. I have all but abandoned my Udemy course because it's now dated. I am recreating them now and will publish on my own domain for reasons like this.
  13. Val Okafor

    I'm bright from Nigeria ...... I got to this fast lane forum after reading the book fast lane . I want to say thank you to everyone here ❤ ❤ and the

    Welcome on board Bright. Start taking action with the knowledge you have, where you are and clarity and momentum will follow. Good luck.
  14. Val Okafor

    I deleted TikTok off my iPhone. Here's why...

    Umm, for real, what the hell is TikTok? I know I can google it but I haven't bothered.
  15. Val Okafor

    How do you choose your Role models?

    If your uncle is a self-made millionaire then use him as your role model, otherwise, you may want to use virtual role models likes the rest of us. That includes listening to relevant podcasts and learning more about the guests that are genuinely adding values. Reading books, being part of...
  16. Val Okafor

    Breakdown of a CV that worked

    Very succinct with relevant keywords that will catch the attention of front line HR/ recruiters scanning for those skills and the automated filters for the same keywords. I started adding list/links of recent projects to mine and that has seemed to increase the response rate. Thanks for sharing.
  17. Val Okafor

    First business idea -- consumer technology, web design, or pressure washing?

    Kudos on narrowing down your choices of business ideas. I know it can be a chaotic process. Given that you are still bound to a cubicle, I would recommend a service that can be rendered from home. So that would be the Web Design business. I know it is saturated, but don't let that deter you. I...
  18. Val Okafor

    100 pushups x 1 month challenge

    Really glad to hear, it is taking everything in me to keep going into day 5!. I hope it gets better. My arms are sore. I am 46 and 280lb so that is a lot of weight to push up. But I am committed to jump-starting my weight-loss and active lifestyle goal! Your story is inspiring.
  19. Val Okafor

    Mr. Trash's journey to personal & financial freedom.

    Do it! Just know that it is a good job application, if you do a good job, someone in Salesforce will notice you and hire you to join their training team. That is a good best-case scenario. The reality is that third parties can't create better training than the platform owner. By the time you...
  20. Val Okafor

    100 pushups x 1 month challenge

    Thanks a lot that is very encouraging, I am fired up to continue.

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