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  1. WealthyMind

    13 Lessons Learned While Building My Fastlane Business

    13 Important Insights Learned on My Journey To Finding, Choosing, Creating and Building my Fastlane Business. Like you, the Millionaire Fastlane book changed my life. Before reading the book, I thought all the business ideas I came up with were amazing. It wasn't until I ran them through...
  2. WealthyMind

    How Would You Turn THIS Into Millions?

    I am going to keep this short and sweet. I have a YouTube channel that teaches Evernote users how to be more productive, get more done in less time, and have a greater peace of mind every single day by setting up strategic Evernote systems within their evernote account. Click Here to see the...
  3. WealthyMind

    If you need a fastlane this

    Just saw this article in my facebook newsfeed. Build a fastlane business educating people in learning a foreign language better than what is already out there. Your market is that group of people who wants to...
  4. WealthyMind

    How To Easily Create A Swipe File Using Evernote

    Hi guys! If you are a fastlane entrepreneur, and need help managing your digital swipe file of marketing pieces for future inspiration...(e.g. screenshots of banners, copies of emails, screenshots of web pages or capture pages etc...) I just created this brand new video illustrating...
  5. WealthyMind

    Did You See This New Crazy Story?

    Hi Guys... I just heard about this new crazy guinness world record that was announced last week. It was on the Yahoo homepage this weekend. Three words... Mind-Blowing Video Click here to read the story and watch the video... At the end of the day it makes you think to yourself as a...
  6. WealthyMind

    Need Feedback: Sales Page

    Hey Fastlaners, I hope you are all having a great day! I just put up this sales page on my site, and I need some feedback. Here is the link... Entrepreneur Loses 52 Pounds of Fat Thanks in advance for your help! Best, Scott
  7. WealthyMind

    Need Help Coming Up With A Fastlane Idea? Read This...

    Hi fastlaners, I wanted to share this simple 7 step process to coming up with an effective fastlane idea (This specific thought process hit me this morning, and I couldn't keep it to myself). I hope you find this process useful to successfully coming up with a fastlane idea that sets you up...
  8. WealthyMind

    What Idea Are You Currently Working On Right Now?

    As we all know, the Fastlane rewards those who take action... And with each action and result... Comes learning and insights to be applied in the future as you continue to build your idea into a profitable Fastlane venture. Ideas...Are a dime a dozen... So...lets have some fun. . . ...
  9. WealthyMind

    Where Do You Think The Opportunity Is Here?

    Hey guys, I came across this article yesterday that was published on Bloomberg. The statistics are really interesting. As I was reading it, all I could think of was a quote I heard a long time ago..."Demography is Destiny." Here is the article: Click Here Where do you think the future...
  10. WealthyMind

    16 Ways To Get More Facebook Likes To Your Page

    As you build and grow your Facebook page, you will want to always be focused on getting more likes to your page. By getting more likes to your page, it will give you a greater reach within the marketplace, and a deeper connection with your prospects and customers. Use the various tips below to...
  11. WealthyMind

    How The IRS Can Disallow All of Your Business Deductions

    From The Article Make no mistake, a business can save you a lot in taxes. I had a client who made $50,000 a year as a middle manager. He lost his job and started a consulting business. He made $50,000 in that first year. Income was the same, but the net result was very different. As a business...
  12. WealthyMind

    40+ Effective Ways To Reach Your Target Prospects

    Hey fastlaners! A week ago I created in infographic highlighting all of the known ways to reach any market you want to go after when building your fastlane business. Half the battle to growing a successful business is knowing what media you are able to leverage to get your targeted messages in...
  13. WealthyMind

    Learn How To Code...From Scratch

    I just came across this site and thought it would add value to each and every person in the forum who has absolutely no clue how to included. Go knock yourself out! Learn to code | Codecademy From what I have heard they plan on adding more to the site as it continues to grow!
  14. WealthyMind

    Are You Watching Tech Stars? (Show for Entrepreneurs)

    If so, what do you think? TechStars: Reality TV Show About Technology Start-Ups - Bloomberg Thoughts on the ideas/people/mentors etc.?
  15. WealthyMind

    How Would You Modify THIS Capture Page To Convert Better?

    Hi everybody, I just launched a fastlane business recently (4 weeks ago), around a really simple e-mail newsletter publishing model. The biz model is simple...the focus is to build a massive e-mail list and deliver a really valuable newsletter to subscribers once per week...(free to sign up)...
  16. WealthyMind

    If You Had $1,000,000...

    ...How would you spend it to positively push your business forward? (I look forward to this discussion) -Scott Bradley
  17. WealthyMind

    Are You On Google Plus? (Google's new social network)

    Google just launched their new social network. I think it would be cool to start a thread with all of our Google Plus profiles so we can add each other on there. After using the network for about two weeks, I am finding that I am spending much more time there compared to facebook, and find...
  18. WealthyMind

    Calling All Southern California Fastlaners (networking opp)

    I am looking to connect with other local orange county entrepreneurs who... 1) Believe in the Fastlane Entrepreneur mindset 2) Have read The Millionaire Fastlane (MJ's book) 3) Are located in and/or around the Southern California area 4) Have their own company, or who are planning to start...
  19. WealthyMind

    Do You Know of Any High Quality Private Label Rights Resources?

    I am in a situation where I am seeking some information about how to effectively structure a private label rights deal for two information products. I want to private label these two specific information products (me purchasing the rights from the individuals who created them so I can re-brand...
  20. WealthyMind

    How Do You Plan Your Business?

    We have all heard the quote... You know... The one that says, "When you fail to plan, you plan to fail." So with that being do you plan your business as an entrepreneur? Do you take the time every three months to lay out a calendar and figure out where you are going for the new...

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