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  1. Walter Hay

    100 Unsexy Business Ideas: Name as many as you can!

    This is only for people who own or have access to a parcel of land suitable for grazing on the outskirts of a small or large city. Ideally it should be located in an area where city people have bought hobby farms. Our family had a cattle stud breeding property about 100 miles from a big city...
  2. Walter Hay

    The "Remember When" Thread ...

    As possibly the oldest member still active on the forum, perhaps my memories from growing up in the mid to late forties and then into the fifties might be interest. Toothpaste came in powder form packed in a tin. A dampened toothbrush was dipped in the powder. It was safe for me as an 8 year...
  3. Walter Hay

    How long to look for a brand name?

    See your inbox. Walter
  4. Walter Hay

    How long to look for a brand name?

    Steve Jobs said that the name came to him after spending time working in an apple orchard, and the logo came later, but the logo could have come first, and the name could spring from that. Let me explain: The apple with a bite out of it is an age-old symbol of rebellion, so if Jobs and Wozniak...
  5. Walter Hay

    Forum Members and Their Books!?

    PROVENGLOBALSOURCING 2022 revision now available. This is the 17th edition since I first published my book safe sourcing and easy importing in 2003. Two years were missed due to exceptional circumstances. I am calling this my BREAKTHROUGH edition because after being asked by many members how...
  6. Walter Hay

    Walter Hay's Business Books

    Yes, I will send you a copy via PM when the formatting is finished. Walter
  7. Walter Hay

    Walter Hay's Business Books

    I have just finished my GROUNDBREAKING edition for 2022. It is being formatted and will be available within a week. Why Groundbreaking? It is because after a growing number of requests I have included a chapter with detailed instructions on how to start a B2B import/export agency. This chapter...
  8. Walter Hay

    Question about a particular shipping method, ground from China

    The weather is too difficult to predict, but I know that sometimes even trains have been held up for very long periods due to snow blocking the line. It could be worse for road traffic. Your supplier's guess of 7 days is as good as any. Walter
  9. Walter Hay

    Question about a particular shipping method, ground from China

    Maybe once I might have found it exciting, but not now at my age. I have driven in 20 countries, and some of those trips have been very long. One that I enjoyed most was meandering from LA to NY and then to Québec. I had my family on board, although it was a business trip, and they all loved...
  10. Walter Hay

    Question about a particular shipping method, ground from China

    Yes I believe it is not an exaggeration for your supplier to quote 60 days, but snow and ice could be a factor that might slow the trip. Walter
  11. Walter Hay

    UPDATES on SOURCING, IMPORTING & LOGISTICS while the upheaval lasts

    ROAD FREIGHT OPTION CHINA/EUROPE A question in another thread prompted me to report on a lesser known freight option, which is road freight from China to Europe. It is not new, having begun in 2018. If you have a good logistics provider or a very astute freight forwarder, they would have...
  12. Walter Hay

    Question about a particular shipping method, ground from China

    Thanks for asking. Yes, road freight from China to Europe is well established and has some benefits over rail. It is usually lower cost, and is currently more available due to rail freight being heavily booked. A very big advantage is that provided the carrier or forwarder adheres to the TIR...
  13. Walter Hay

    Selling experience or service over products?

    Thanks for your comments. Yes you can see my story here: Walter Hay, Imp/Export Extraordinaire (Vandalay Industries) Regards, Walter
  14. Walter Hay

    Sharing my lifetime experience in export/import. Product sourcing specialist.

    Unfortunately it is not possible. All records of shipments in and out of the USA are public and those companies you mention harvest the details and publish them on their sites. Walter
  15. Walter Hay

    Selling experience or service over products?

    You didn't need training - you had determination and the ability to communicate, together with a need to succeed. Congratulations! You did it. Looking young is a decided disadvantage in most areas of employment. I know because I suffered from that same problem. In my motorcycling days I was...
  16. Walter Hay

    UPDATES on SOURCING, IMPORTING & LOGISTICS while the upheaval lasts

    FREIGHT FORWARDER RECOMMENDATION for these difficult times I have often been asked to recommend a freight forwarder, and have always been reluctant to do so, but today, due to the difficulties being experienced by importers in even managing to get a freight booking, I am making such a...
  17. Walter Hay

    Long time lurker has finally the courage for an introduction

    Hi Dustin, I know the difficulties you had with ordering your first product, and I am glad that you persevered. Those headaches would have been enough to make a lot of people give up, but now you are on your way! Keep going. It was good to see your introduction at last. Walter
  18. Walter Hay

    Is everyone just importing goods?

    For years here on the forum and in my sourcing and importing book I have urged readers to consider local manufacture rather than importing. Considering the fact that my book is primarily about importing you might think that I am shooting myself in the foot, but my attitude is to recommend what...
  19. Walter Hay

    Finding sourcing for beverage line

    I can source anything but I would need to know a lot more. Send me a PM with as much detail as possible about your planned product and I will let you know if it is possible to source them. I specialize in the impossible so it would be unlikely that I can't find them for you. As you will see in...
  20. Walter Hay

    Life's Most Bitter Truth: What Your University Won't Teach You...

    What a great wakeup call! Life is uncertain anyway, so why sell your life now for tomorrow, when tomorrow you might fall under that proverbial bus? My attitude to this has always led me to avoid budgeting for my businesses. I have always just gotten stuck into doing the best I can now, and...

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