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  1. J

    Diary of Opening A New Business

    Its ok, half the people in the board knew, just the two that responded to him might of heard something else when I said it.
  2. J

    Diary of Opening A New Business

    Here is an update to this thread. Over the last 120 days I have been in the process of selling this business as another business I have opened has peaked my interest. In a totally unrelated industry. A bunch of my competitors came together as a group, and offered me a bit of change to sell...
  3. J

    One Doctor's Journey

    Wow. Great for you. It's a great idea.
  4. J

    Teen opens world’s first pawn shop for $15,000 sneakers

    Do you? You doubt that? Let me let you in on a little secret, all businesses can be fastlane. For example, His shoes are probably a need to some kids and when you have that, you have those same broke kids wanting to borrow against it.
  5. J

    Making sure there's a need

    Easy business, Since i guess you already own the plane or can rent it easily and you doing the flying. Besides some insurance your cost is minimal. I would get with whatever advertiser in your city that does the hotel thing, create a nice flyer with a nice phone number, and or website. If I...
  6. J

    1 on 1 Phone Call With Jack Edwards UPDATE!!

    I want to thank everyone who has helped. At this time I will NOT be adding any further calls. If I owe you a call please Pm me. Or email me. And if we have a call scheduled I have you down. Thanks. Here is an update. Kid is not doing well at all. If I got a call today I would not be...
  7. J

    Diary of Opening A New Business

    It will get easier once you have everything together. No one wants to be first.
  8. J

    Diary of Opening A New Business

    Nope. not sold, have offers, but no where near the valuation I want. Yet! Jack
  9. J

    We Lost a Great Entrepreneur, RIP Felix Dennis

    Its all a game. May he RIP.
  10. J

    Looking for Feedback on a Business Idea.

    Not sure how it is fastlane, But the artificial grass seems like a good idea, not sure about the pond, would you do the entire landscaping bit, rocks, plants etc.. or just do grass and ponds?
  11. J

    1 on 1 Phone Call With Jack Edwards UPDATE!!

    MJ, I Have not taken pics yet. How can I say this, when I saw them, It just wasn't the proper thing to do at that moment. I am though going to go by late next week to give them some more that I raised in the last few weeks, Hopefully then they will be in better spirits and be up for it. Jack
  12. J

    Physician Transitioning Outta the Slow lane

    Where in Texas? Anything is possible.
  13. J

    1 on 1 Phone Call With Jack Edwards UPDATE!!

    We have raised over $5,000 for this special kid and his family. So THANK YOU all that have been a part of the calls and for the kind remarks. As someone mentioned to me yesterday, my post for more available spots is getting lost in the middle of the thread, so to get the word out to the people...
  14. J

    Get a 1 on 1 Call with Jack Edwards and help a Kid Who Is Dying.

    1st. I have really enjoyed being on the calls with a lot of you. I like talking about new ideas and angles, so it's been a joy. I've learned just as much from you guys. I like the passion seen on this site. There are some great ideas out there and there have been some horrible ideas...
  15. J

    Diary of Opening A New Business

    Update. Business is going very well. Growth Mode. This year the goal is to get the customers that buy from us to buy more. We are still most of our customers 3rd, 4th, last choice, so hopefully over this year we can become their 2nd or who knows, dare I say their 1st call (when I say most...
  16. J

    My Idea was stolen to a T (Lesson Learned) giggrabber

    The reality is if the guy actually found it on the thread, copied the idea, which I can see, but to just change the name a little, by adding an s, probably means he has no imagination anyway and will probably fail.
  17. J

    My Idea was stolen to a T (Lesson Learned) giggrabber

    Hey who knows, the guy might be at the beginning of losing every dollar he has, idea still might not work.
  18. J

    Back on the forum. My quest for a better life.

    Vig is right, you are making it to much into a thing. Don't make it into a thing. Just relax, it will come to you.
  19. J

    Lawyer Referral

    Forget about it. Seriously Dont waste your time. But before you do make sure you are off everything and I mean everything. Make sure your name is no where to be found.

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