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  1. 7

    New Skype Mastermind Group - Limit 20 people. Fastlane members only.

    Hi guys. Update on the group. Life has thinned out our numbers but a few of us are still going & we're going to be successes. I'm proud to announce that I've shipped my first product! It's a digital magazine for Apple's newsstand. You can check it out here. - Don't give...
  2. 7

    Just Stolen! - Please Critique My Sales Page

    You used fake testimonials, fake numbers, stole his images and even stole his signature? Just pathetic. Don't be surprised if someone reports you to the original website owner.
  3. 7

    New Skype Mastermind Group - Limit 20 people. Fastlane members only.

    Hi guys, thanks for the interest. The group is officially full. I'll contact *every single person* that has given their skype information this saturday. We went over a bit so 2-3 of you unfortunately won't get in. The first 10 who pmed/posted skype information are automatically accepted...
  4. 7

    New Skype Mastermind Group - Limit 20 people. Fastlane members only.

    This is more like a standard mastermind. Everyone works on their own projects but helps motivate each other to ensure everyone completes their goal. It's like pair programming, social creatures (humans) are more useful in groups.
  5. 7

    New Skype Mastermind Group - Limit 20 people. Fastlane members only.

    Hey guys, thanks for the interest. Just in case you're worried I'm not shrinking the groups size or adding in requirements except for the ones detailed in the first post. There's still room for 5-6 slots depending if one of the earlier posters has obtained a skype Id yet. Cheers. - Josh
  6. 7

    New Skype Mastermind Group - Limit 20 people. Fastlane members only.

    Thanks guys, Space is filling up faster than I expected but there is still room. For those who have sent me their skype information expect to see a invite over the weekend. p.s. Here's the example of the kind of progress I expect from members who stick with our group. After a few years of...
  7. 7

    New Skype Mastermind Group - Limit 20 people. Fastlane members only.

    Hey guys! Three years ago I created a mastermind group on the fastlane forum in order to learn to code from scratch... and it worked. But after 3 years and completing our goal the original group has grown apart and It's time to make a new one. This year the goal for the mastermind is to build a...
  8. 7

    Your looks have a major impact on your life

    Looking the "right part" for a role will always make it 10x easier to convince people you're meant for it. But at the end of the day it really just comes down to marketing. Take whatever you look like, figure out the end result you want for yourself & then start applying the amount of...
  9. 7

    How Much Would You Pay To NEVER See An Online Ad Again?

    I wouldn't pay for this service for 2 reasons. 1. Ads run the web. I don't want to support a movement that will ruin freemium if widely adopted. 2. Ads are how I find cool stuff. I wouldn't have half of the gems I have now if it weren't for ads. How was I suppose to know Tommie Copper...
  10. 7

    Finding A Business Partner?

    I met my business partner on a forum just like this one. We were both freelancers (Front/backend developers) and worked on a few projects together.
  11. 7

    Cold Calling Vets. Where are the best places to find numbers to call?

    I'm currently using google & the yellow pages. The results are pretty good, am I missing any other sources?
  12. 7

    Twitter is offering $100 in free advertising to U.S. businesses -Heads UpH

    Here's the link- p.s. Details below "In support of Small Business Saturday®, and the Shop Small initiative, Twitter is giving away up to $1 million in free advertising credits to businesses. The first 10,000 eligible business advertisers to register will...
  13. 7

    European Mastermind Group

    Great idea
  14. 7

    Inside look into 39 successful appreneurs

    I bought it. On page 20 so far and it's very interview style. It's really worth the money if you're a developer, or thinking about getting into the game. Pictures look great too.
  15. 7

    Black Friday: Shaking My Head ...

    Sets the stage for us to make money. I don't think we should fault consumers for acting this way. Kinda like biting the hand that feeds no?
  16. 7

    My girlfriend dumped me

    I wouldn't beat yourself up over this. Women (in a dating sense) are a considerable drain on a young man's resources (mostly time). Focus on yourself, your goals & let women fit in where it feels effortless for you. Be selfish and be smart enough to look out for your needs first.
  17. 7

    Dane Maxwell- Build Software Companies in 6 months w/o money, experience

    It seems like it's being used as a disqualifier technique to weed out high-risk applicants from the start who might drop out early, or fail when it comes time to outsource a bit.
  18. 7

    Is cold calling really that bad?

    I agree all the way. I've just starting making cold calls & it's working. REALLY working.
  19. 7

    Is cold calling really that bad?

    Hi guys, Is cold calling really that evil? It seems like just mentioning it makes everyone flee.
  20. 7

    I'm new to this

    Welcome to the forum neocube, glad to have you aboard.

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