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  1. J

    1 on 1 Phone Call With Jack Edwards UPDATE!!

    We have raised over $5,000 for this special kid and his family. So THANK YOU all that have been a part of the calls and for the kind remarks. As someone mentioned to me yesterday, my post for more available spots is getting lost in the middle of the thread, so to get the word out to the people...
  2. J

    Get a 1 on 1 Call with Jack Edwards and help a Kid Who Is Dying.

    Viperion / MJ is not associated in anyway with the offer, nor the results of any call. SOLD OUT -SOLD OUT!! - Thanks everyone, I believe we will be at 2k once everyone pays. Great Job.. The Family Needs it!!. Help me raise $1,500 and I will try to help you with your business.. Here is the...
  3. J

    Better Work Bitch!!

    Normally I would not listen to a word she says but maybe she is on to something.. Here are the Lyrics You want a hot body? You want a Bugatti? You want a Maserati? You better work bitch You want a Lamborghini? Sippin martinis? Look hot in a...
  4. J

    My 1000th Post.. LOSE THE JOB, NOW!!!

    Let me tell you a story, This is 1989 early 1990.. I was working two jobs, throwing newspapers in the morning starting at 330 AM. and working at a warehouse during the day getting off at 7PM.. Worked my a$$ off and sadly had obligations to keep working, My dad died and left us in a ton of...
  5. J

    Because You Can't....

    Someone told me the other day that I could not create something I wanted created, I thought that was odd for them to say that. They put a man on the moon, with a computer system smaller than my laptop. But just because he can't, he believes no one can. Sad.. If you do not think you...
  6. J

    How Old Were You?

    From another thread. I think this is what a lot of newbes in business do not realize, but need to. I was trying to put together deals when I was 5. Got my first investor at 8. he invested a buck in a candy deal. Was trying to figure out how to buy a shopping center at 10. Most of my...
  7. J

    GO TO COLLEGE... A little Rant.

    On this site, over and over, people ask, should I go to school, It's free, it's expensive, is it a waste of time? It's this or that. Let me tell you something. For all your wanting to be great, for all your needing to be great, for all the lies you tell yourself about how great you are. You...
  8. J

    Fastlane Idea: Easy way to make 5 Million

    After seeing some hoopla over the fit2fat2fit guy. and thinking about millionaire by 25. The fat to fit guy, My guess he is going to make a few million, plus be able to sell speaking gigs. He basically set himself up for a while with that stunt, if not millions if he can pull off a TV gigs...
  9. J

    Who Here operates a Web design company?

    Let me say first, I have never sold a website in my life.. But, I think I might have an angle to sell 10 sites a day, same type of site over and over so all someone would have to do is change out the logo address etc.. I also need it to be a "mobile site" Plus some other stuff I want to...
  10. J

    Not Sure if I Like the likes..

    What is the difference suppose to be between a like and thanks? Also, how much more rep speed do I need before I make Ferrari. Cause even though I drove the new Porsche twin turbo a few weeks ago and it was pretty badass. I still hate Porsches. Thanks in advance.
  11. J

    My 666th Post...

    This is not good.....
  12. J

    Naivete is a Great Thing.

    Talked to 2 different "trying to be Entrepreneurs" over the weekend. Both young. 22 and 25, Both very ignorant. Here are some of their comments to me.. 1. I have 3 people who want to be my sales staff.. oh really, have they sold before? No.. Are they in the industry that you want to sell...
  13. J

    Who Knows about Email Marketing Software??

    I am not really into IM at all, or the internet in any way, really. and sadly so are most of my customers. But I have come across a need I would like to see if I can fill for some of my regular customers. Please excuse my ignorance in this area. I am thinking of trying to offer a turn key...
  14. J

    Brilliant.. Roof Pics turn into $40 million a Year Business!!

    This is neat. EagleView: One small company reinvents a $30 billion market - Dec. 9, 2011
  15. J

    World's Funniest Salesman

    This guy is good. I wish I could hire him World's Funniest Salesman Video Hope it is not a repost.
  16. J

    500 Business Ideas...

    Looking over Inc magazine from this month where they have the 500 fastest growing private companies.. Seems to me like someone should copy and repeat.. Should be pretty easy to get financing for a biz where you can show the potential investors how your competitor grew at 1000% last year.. The...
  17. J

    The Easiest Way To Succeed As an Entrepreneur

    Interesting Story.. The Easiest Way to Succeed as an Entrepreneur Altucher Confidential
  18. J

    Diary of Opening A New Business

    I see a lot of these threads started by young entre's and thought I would start my own on a new business I am starting this week. I think it might be a good insight to what it takes to make it. Or what it takes to fail at it. My goal. Turn a (hopefully only) $15k investment into a $10...
  19. J

    Old Business Man, New Member Here.

    Just want to tell everyone hello. I have been a jack of all trades entrepreneur over the last 20 years. I hope I can add some and learn some from this site.

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