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  1. Merkin Man

    Fastlane Fantasy Football, Season 4! (2011-12)

    The Dominators, err, Merkins are back. I'm in for $100, but let's keep the number of teams at 10 ... 12 at the most.
  2. Merkin Man

    Osama bin Laden, the face of terror, killed in Pakistan

    I agree with MJ about the photo. Remember when we got al-Zarqawi in Iraq and how quick the government was to post evidence of his death? It isn't going to help with public opinion if the same was not done with UBL. Although, from all reports I've read, UBL met his demise with a head...
  3. Merkin Man

    How to Make $1 Million Before You Graduate!

    MJ, Are you Mike_AZ?
  4. Merkin Man

    Bully Beat Down Video!

    That big kid has some good feet - quick and nimble for his size. If I'm coaching the football team I'm thinking recruit this kid for O-line or D-line! Maybe left tackle with that pancake ability. But seriously, the punk got what he had coming to him. BTW, I think I read somewhere that...
  5. Merkin Man

    This has been my Journey

    Great work, and congratulations for doing. Can you tell us what name you ended up choosing?
  6. Merkin Man

    Help me name my product

    I can hear the infomercial voice guy now . . . "Tired of burning yourself every time you use your grill?" <insert video of man burning his hand on grill handle> "Ouch, that hurts!" "Introducing, The Rock Solid BBQ Handle Wrap!" <insert video of happy man with beautiful wife and kids...
  7. Merkin Man

    The Willpower Paradox ... Interesting!

    Kiyosaki touched on something like this in RDPD. I don't recall the exact phrasing, but it was basically as soon as you say "I can't" you've stopped your creative thinking. Instead, when faced with a challenge, ask yourself "how can I?" Perhaps the "I will" is equally destructive to that...
  8. Merkin Man

    Keeping Your Word, Even When You Can't Remember It.

    Me, please. I could use a good inspiring entrepreneurial read right about now. Congrats on completing the book. Andy
  9. Merkin Man

    Fantasy Football Year 3

    It's a walk-off. It's a walk-off!
  10. Merkin Man

    Fantasy Football Year 3

    Is Yankees coming back? Somebody should hit him up.
  11. Merkin Man

    Fantasy Football Year 3

    I'm in! Sorry I've been MIA lately … got a lot going on (in a good way).
  12. Merkin Man

    Fantasy Football Year 3

    As the Vince Lombardi of the Fastlane Fantasy Football league, I say let's raise the entry fee. It will be my money at year's end, anyways! Two tries. Two championships. The Merkins are in for the 3-peat! ... although a part of me feels as though I should retire as a legend.
  13. Merkin Man

    Fastlane Fatty Forum

    My nephew is doing P90X right now. I believe he's somewhere around the 2nd week of it. He lost 80 pounds over the course of a year and is now doing the program. I haven't really talked in-depth with him about the program, but I was at the house when he was doing a workout and boy, let me tell...
  14. Merkin Man

    East Coast Fastlaners - Any interest in a get together?

    Same thing with DHS. We have officers who will make as much overtime in September as they do in almost 6 months at other times of the year! You have to love the need to spend all that budget!
  15. Merkin Man

    I will be a Millionaire by December 2010

    Is this a business that you still own? As others have stated, it's a great idea. If you're no longer doing it, I'd be curious to know why you decided to step away. To me, it is a great way to earn income, almost passive income if your real goal is simply renting out the space and collecting...
  16. Merkin Man

    East Coast Fastlaners - Any interest in a get together?

    If it's a one day drive from the Buffalo area then I would likely get involved, schedule pending of course. D.C, Baltimore or NC all sound like solid choices. Possibly a +1 for North Carolina as I love the Carolinas and could sell the wife on a trip there as well. I could use a good jolt of...
  17. Merkin Man

    I found my accountability

  18. Merkin Man

    Spam police thread

    I was looking at the overall Spam Police scores and I would consider myself to be part-time spam cop that has experienced above average success and knows what to look for but doesn't make my bread and butter doing it. Hmmm ... that might just make me a Spam Police "guru" - I should write a...
  19. Merkin Man

    Any Famous People on the Forums?

    If there are any, they likely aren't going to reveal themselves. The ones who do (if any) will raise my eye brows as to their legitimacy. I would say it's more plausible to think there are people working for famous people on this, or any other, forum. Especially if there is a competitive...

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