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  1. tchandy

    Looking for three partners, BUT

    Sorry Mike about the wording. As for the other comments, I don't even like those buzz words. I don't use them but tell people the honest truth. AM takes work, you do new things, get out of the box, work your butt off, but also learn new skills that are priceless. Some AMers give the...
  2. tchandy

    Looking for three partners, BUT

    The company I am in is an affiliate marketing company and I know this violates MJ's rule. This is not my primary company but a new company that has yet to hit the market. From the presentations I've seen this could change a lot in the app industry. I can't discuss too much since there's a...
  3. tchandy

    Any Lending Club experiences?

    I took out a loan from lending club last year as a down payment for a rental. No complaints so far and I pay about $230 a month for three years.
  4. tchandy

    Secure your Wordpress site - MASSIVE BOTNET ATTACK

    I was getting a lot of unusual subscribers and I wasn't sure so I added a captcha feature which also appears when logging in to WordPress. I also have a limited user login attempts on my site and the next day I received a message someone unsuccessfully tried to get in. Last night I had another...
  5. tchandy

    Checkout my Website...I need feedback

    That's great on your first website. I know it took me a while looking at my first website to now. Of course there's always room for improvement. I think you need to have an about me or about the site. What's the intent of the site which leads to why would someone sign up for your newsletter...
  6. tchandy

    The book I mentioned two years ago is finally finished

    I blogged about when I started blogging about two years ago on this thread - Well, yesterday I published an ebook for new teeball coaches. It covers everything a new coach...
  7. tchandy

    Made a million on paper

    I was a late bloomer. Like many, you just have to find your way and what interests you and then just stay focused to achieve your goal.
  8. tchandy

    Made a million on paper

    They're the house value. A few homes will be paid off in a few years.
  9. tchandy

    Made a million on paper

    One home is in Hawaii and the rest are in southern states, Texas, Arizona, and Louisiana, except for the Philly home. The homes are managed by property managers. I really didn't have the time to be a property manager especially since I spent a few years overseas. Everyone has their own...
  10. tchandy

    Made a million on paper

    None of my real estate is on the blogs. I keep that separate. Maybe one day I'll blog about my real estate ventures. Nothing I did was complicated. I never felt comfortable flipping homes and am just a buy and hold investor. Maybe I'll sell one or two homes to move up the ladder for a...
  11. tchandy

    Made a million on paper

    I just picked up my fifth property and based on recent home prices and my other investments, I have a little over $1million dollars on paper. My road took me about 15 years when I bought my first mutual fund. Since then I have read countless of books, watched videos, created websites, started...
  12. tchandy

    Thanks to MJ & the forum! My official site launch: Toothbrush Subscription

    Have you thought about adding electric toothbrushes? One of the dentists I talked to years ago mentioned this and I've been hooked since then. Everyone in my family uses an electric toothbrush. You could catch an another targeted area. Tom
  13. tchandy

    Questions for real estate investors

    I agree with the above, I pass this on to everyone who say they want to get started in real estate. Like others have said real estate is a big area with many different avenues to take for wealth and income.
  14. tchandy

    Just launched my first web store!

    On your FAQs page, I didn't understand this. Why are you so awesome? Actually, a team of graduate students wrote a 600 page thesis on this. We’re only on page 12, but will let you know when we’re done. Tom
  15. tchandy

    Do the Rich Work Harder?

    I forgot I posted this. :rolleyes:
  16. tchandy

    Publishing on Kindle – How to “guideâ€

    I was thinking of using E-junkie. With E-junkie I can add a buy now button on my blog. Any opinions? Tom
  17. tchandy

    Promoting a book via social Media....what would your daily actions be?

    Brian, I've seen some authors give away their book for free for a set period of time, a few days to 10 days. The only thing they ask is for people to leave a comment on Amazon. In most cases this will place the book at the top of the category that they book is in. This could be another option...
  18. tchandy

    Hello from Afghanistan

    Keep reading through the forums, you'll learn a lot. I did the same thing when I was deployed in both theaters. :)
  19. tchandy

    To Go To College or Not To Go To College - 10 Yr U.S. Navy Sailor

    Thx for all you are doing. I don't think any school will automatically make you an entrepreneur when you graduate. I talked to someone and graduated with a degree in entrepreneurship and is no where close to working in that area. It takes hard work and a passion for what you want. Four years...
  20. tchandy

    Are Taxes Part Of Your Charitable Donations...

    To put it another way, charitable deductions are a part of my taxes. My wife and I tithe and there may be other donations we make each year. 15-25% does seem like a lot but can you afford to donate that much? If so, then that's fine. If not, then you may want to talk to your wife and see...

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