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  1. mikey3times

    The Blind Men and the Elephant (why you are wrong)

    I'm frustrated by many of the arguments here about whether you should do A or people who do A (or B) are stupid. Most notably in my mind are the threads about how buying a house is stupid, how going to college is stupid, and how learning to program is stupid. Usually, these threads go...
  2. mikey3times

    For the self-publishers: James Patterson on CBS Sunday Morning

    Check out this piece from CBS Sunday Morning. - first novel got rejected 31 times - writes 7 days per week - currently writing shorter Bookshots, 150 pages, for our fast paced lives - started as a copywriter and eventually...
  3. mikey3times

    Supplement Entrepreneurs: Exercise Caution

    This Frontline episode is scary: It seems like supplements aren't the hot new thing they used to be, but if you are getting into supplements please be sure you protect yourself. Don't trust your supplier. Get proof! And make sure...
  4. mikey3times

    Inc. Series on Startups under $10k

    Some good inspirational stories here. I especially liked the Life is Good story. It took them around 5 years to develop their mascot and their slogan. And then it was an...
  5. mikey3times

    Forum Post Suggestion

    In the section of Common Questions on the Forum, I suggest answering "Will you tell us what your product is?" This question tends to derail a process post and it would be great to drop that link instead of getting into a multi-post argument. Also, it might help to have MJ's name on those...
  6. mikey3times

    Lamborghini on 60 Minutes

    60 Minutes story on Lamborghini. Interesting that the company lost lots of money making their cars until the last few years.
  7. mikey3times

    7 traits the rich have in common

    MINDSET Nothing all that new here, but I thought #2 shows what it takes to get rich.
  8. mikey3times

    How many widgets should I send to Amazon?

    I am about to send my first product to Amazon. My question is, how do you determine how many to stock on FBA? I have no idea how many I might sell in a month. It is an office product with a twist that applies to my specific niche. It is my own branded product. I can easily send more as...

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