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  1. Schonox

    borrowing against assets/financial prepping

    Hi there! Currently things are doing a-ok in my portfolio, and I hope to be reaping investment rewards kind of soon. However end of year is nearing (taxes), and I'm kind of in line with what the likes of Michael Saylor are saying : never sell your assets, but borrow against them. Currently I...
  2. Schonox


    With all the measures in place, The Great Reset planned and all,... What is your stance on transhumanism, and do you see it taking effect in the near future? A great Dutch article on the topic can be found at jornluka . com. Personally I don't want to become a mindless drone, even if I'd live...
  3. Schonox

    How would you improve on this channel if you were me?

    Hi there! The last couple of years I have been predominantly working from home, trading and investing in different kinds of assets. Ranging from stocks over crypto to curiosa and physical commodities. Now the thing is tht while these things are running smoothly I'd like to do different things...
  4. Schonox

    Political correctness and it's consequences for entrepreneurs

    I am getting a very bad feeling about the state of the world currently. C0VlD-19 is just a symptom of a very ill situation from my pov, let me elaborate... Approach to C0VlD-19 : governments have all these different approaches to the illness. Mortality rate has gone down and although I do...
  5. Schonox

    Bought two websites, could use some help...

    Hi everyone! As a sidegig I decided to bid on a few websites and actually won two of them. For some reason I have the feeling that if you don't pay much, you don't get much either. Neither of them are really original content or templatewise. I am slowly adding some minor adjustments. Still, I...
  6. Schonox

    Current worth

    Stats I find it odd that that valuation is rather low compared to the estimated revenue stream. In any case a job well done by MJ! According to Alexa, the forum has picked up a lot of speed the past few months. Perhaps due to macro economic circumstances?
  7. Schonox

    What type of website/software/provider ?

    Hello all! I have an idea for a website, but I am unsure of the tools needed for the job. Upon arrival on the site people should choose between two types of accounts. One type may create threads so to speak, the others can somewhat interact to a certain extent - claim and/or reply. They should...
  8. Schonox

    Hustle/Action time! Income stream ideas

    I am going to use this post to explain my current situation a bit further and to try to stimulate and motivate!!! other people who are in the same predicament as I am currently in. And foremost, I would love for you guys to give me some advice. So, I quit my job at the end of 2017 after my...
  9. Schonox

    Growing and learning

    Hi everyone, I'm a middle aged guy with two loving children and a partner. Used to work as a security officer for more than a decade, usually working night shifts. Quit my job at the end of 2017 when a lot of stuff happened. Rode a bit on the XRP (Ripple) wave, and... my father passed away...

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