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  1. hectormendez

    Turning shit into money - recycling horse manure

    In my family we produce compost with bull manure using californian red worms, it takes about 2 months, farmers appreciate a lot the compost produced by worms, you can do the same with the horse manure. Start small, you don't need a lot of money and scale gradually.
  2. hectormendez

    I Wrote an E-book That’s Now Paying My Car Payments

    What is your ebook topic?
  3. hectormendez

    My Amazon experience, as directed by Guru X

    Thanks for sharing, you saved me of getting involved in one of those courses that just teach jungle scout techniques. Just today I was reviewing a couple of them.
  4. hectormendez

    Roadmap for market testing small product-- online or brick & mortar?

    Have you considered running a crowdfunding campaign to test market demand?
  5. hectormendez

    Starting my journey on licensing product ideas

    Prototyoe is ready, I had one already but came with an improvement so made another one. Now I will start working on my marketing materials, a one minute video and a one page sell sheet, this are the tools that will do the selling for me. With regards to the prototype I made it myself, no need...
  6. hectormendez

    Starting my journey on licensing product ideas

    Ok. So far I have done my research to determine if there is market for my product idea and that it doesn't exist yet. There are other products that do the same but work in a different way. Now I'm working on the prototype, wich is very simple so will be done in a couple of days.
  7. hectormendez

    Starting my journey on licensing product ideas

    Thank you. I wont take Stephen's course, Im sure its a good investment but I cant afford it.
  8. hectormendez

    Starting my journey on licensing product ideas

    I will start this thread to describe my journey licensing products ideas to companies. I have 12 products ideas and more coming to my mind on a regular basis, 3 are on prototype stage, others are just ideas with no market research yet. I will focus on one single product at a time, will use...
  9. hectormendez

    Agree? You can't build a top tier physical product without Money

    I dont know what your product is but if you dont have money to manufacturing and marketing you can use crowfunding, or even licensing your product idea, depending on what it is.
  10. hectormendez

    I've Read The Millionaire Fastlane!

    I have read two times the millionaire fastlane and unscripted. It has changed completely my perception of how money works. The simple concept of people will give you their money if you solve their problems opened my mind completely, now I see oportunities everywhere when I used to see problems.
  11. hectormendez

    Ready to start my fastlane journey and learn from all of you.

    Hi, my name is Hector, Im from Mexico, 32 years old, married and father to a 8 years old boy. Im an engineer in agriculture and have been strugling to sustain my family, my income barely covers my expenses, almost divorced due to the financial problems. Got involved in MLM to increase my...

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