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  1. yveskleinsky

    Selling My Body

    I think your best bet is to just email some romance authors and tell them that you'd love to break into romance/erotica covers, and what are their thoughts--what would they like to see/buy? Find out if there are some needs in this area, and then go from there.
  2. yveskleinsky

    Business ideas for 6 year old kids

    James Altucher often talks about strategies he uses with his kids--things such as, "make a video with the goal of getting 1k likes" and "make a list of 20 ways you could earn $100 this weekend." His blog is good reading even if you are sans kids. Keep us posted. :)
  3. yveskleinsky

    I'm stuck searching for the "fail-proof" idea. Help needed.

    The topic doesn't need to excite you. What you need right now is a small win. The momentum you get off of that will excite you enough to get and keep you interested.
  4. yveskleinsky

    Attempting the Slowlane before Fastlane?

    Seems to me you have discovered a need (people are willing to pay for it.) Now you just need to start working on your business instead of in your business. Write out some job descriptions for what you do and consider hiring others to do that so you can grow and work on others areas of your biz.
  5. yveskleinsky

    A comb for thick hair, middle east.

    I'd start by asking around--how many people have this problem? Is this a viable niche? If so, then get busy trying to create a product that works. Get some brushes and combs and break 'em up and put 'em back to together and experiment until you come up with something--then ask others if you...
  6. yveskleinsky

    Fastlaners in the Growth Stage... Interested?

    I love this idea, and I equally love the idea of supporting fastlaner businesses. I hope you guys do this. :)
  7. yveskleinsky

    Have you ever sold clothes on Ebay?

    I met a guy the other night who had been selling things for a living on ebay for ten years. He supported himself comfortably enough to where he could follow his real passion which was playing drums in a band. Point being is that i is still possible to make good money selling things on...
  8. yveskleinsky

    Hello From Atlanta,GA

    Welcome! This is a great community, and I hope that we can all help you achieve your (very worthy) goals. :)
  9. yveskleinsky

    Being in a relationship with a slowlaner...

    Without fail, almost once every couple of months someone posts a similar question about dating/marrying a "slowlaner". (I'm reposting about this because one of the last posters had a frown face in the same line about getting married--which is a problem and worth examining as far as I'm...
  10. yveskleinsky

    Being in a relationship with a slowlaner...

    This is friggin' huge. HUGE. If something is a big deal to you, and your partner doesn't take that seriously, there are bigger problems there than entrepreneurship as a career path. If you guys get married, how will she handle the issues when (not if) you have them? Go slow and give these red...
  11. yveskleinsky

    I almost didn't post this....

    Achieving your dream regardless of what others think is totally fastlane. Being "fastlane" in part, means that you are willing to listen to your own inner voice and able to tune out the noise of those around you. Like the writer Oscar Wilde once said, "Everything popular is wrong." Embracing...
  12. yveskleinsky

    Can the Fastlane Forum Really Be Slowlane..?

    I think most fledgling entrepreneurs get here (myself included) and get so excited by being surrounded by so many intelligent, creative and just flat out cool entrepreneurs, that they confuse activity (talking about their ideas/business) with productivity (working on their ideas/business)...
  13. yveskleinsky

    Repairs before closing?

    How much over FMV was this house?
  14. yveskleinsky

    Can you "fast-lane" a landscaping biz?

    Look at other companies that are similar and copy what they did right. Two men and a truck comes to mind. This is a simple service--2 guys and a truck who help you move. They made this fastlane by franchising it. I would think you could do something similar with landscaping.
  15. yveskleinsky

    Meditation and the Fastlane

    I think praying can be a form of meditation. If your prayer is heartfelt and full of gratitute for the food and people in front of you--then yes, you are fully living in that moment, and that is a form of meditation. If you are simply repeating a prayer (such as The Lord's prayer) which just...
  16. yveskleinsky

    What would you think and do if you were in this situation?

    Sounds like you need to find some balance in your life. Learning and doing are important, but so is family time and fun. Perhaps try setting aside a chunk of time on the weekends that is just family fun time.
  17. yveskleinsky

    Help me Pick a Name - Win $100, No, $200!

  18. yveskleinsky

    Out of a Funk - a Newbie's Journey In Self Publishing

    Lisa-- I read the same kind of books--and get the same type of response from most of my friends too! lol Glad to know I'm not the only one out there. :) Sounds like you are off to a great start on what could be not only an interesting story, but perhaps a much needed cathartic release.
  19. yveskleinsky

    Combating Stress

    ...Just wanted to also add, that I've found it helpful to get out of my problems and go help someone with theirs. I used to donate blood on a fairly regular basis, because I hate needles and hate sitting still. Donating blood made me do both and made me slow down enough to be grateful that I...
  20. yveskleinsky

    Combating Stress

    I used to get stressed all the time. Now I really don't stress at all. I don't "do" anything to combat stress really, as like I said, I don't have much stress these days. Not because everything is going smoothly, but because I choose not to be stressed. If I start feeling stressed it is a...

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