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  1. RE Taipan

    AMA: Customs Brokerage/Freight Forwarding (International Logistics)

    Rsimmons016, No problem...I thought it would be helpful to others to include this information. In my experience, FOB terms have been used modernly in more than just international seaborne shipment, although that is clearly where they originated and predominate. This could be b/c North...
  2. RE Taipan

    How To Manage Multiple Freelancers At The Same Time

    Cyberseraph, One thing you could start with is having them take 15/20/30 mins per day and write you (read: show you) what they did for you that day....not tell you -- which can be BS'd thru, but show you -- which is harder to BS around...via docs, exemplars, screen shots whatever is applicable...
  3. RE Taipan

    AMA: Customs Brokerage/Freight Forwarding (International Logistics)

    RSimmons....I did not see you answer/address this (and if you did, please excuse me) might be helpful to the folks here to discuss the element of FOB point...what this is and how it can have a significant impact on a shipment price/performance and liability, etc.
  4. RE Taipan

    eBay: A Question About Profit

    Leono, is my 2 pun intended...LOL Ok, at this point, don't sweat losing $ are selling stuff from around your that money (ie, your investment in the cost of goods sold) has been spent along time ago, when you first acquired whatever it at...
  5. RE Taipan

    Is it Possible

    My 2 MJ's Book...then re-read it...then read it a 3rd time...then understand that you will not attain your goals by merely chasing $$ (what is what you are saying you need/are going/want/to do....this just does not work MUST find a need and find a way to...
  6. RE Taipan

    Driving me crazy, cars in avatars

    I can tell you guys that she is especially partial to the one on the left....she says it handles like a sports car. as for me, I've had my eye on this sweet little mustard yellow '75 Trabant that I spied in the background of a pic a friend of mine took while in Gdansk, Poland last...
  7. RE Taipan

    Let's discuss Google Keyword Search & Traffic Estimator

    <sigh> She's been doing it right all along...just does not believe it...she is always overthinking things........doesn't believe me when I say something...<huge sigh> LOL... ....but honestly (and in all fairness)...I'd much rather have her question and overthink than just accept and...
  8. RE Taipan

    How to choose a business?

    BD, I'll echo the thoughts of others here......My criteria is be sure that whatever I am going into does not become a job...then even though I am working for myself, I'm still trading 5 for 2, 6 for 1, or worse yet, 7 for every once in awhile. I don't have any problem...
  9. RE Taipan

    Purchasing Assets with Pre-tax Dollars

    Here’s my 2 cents…hypothetical speaking of course…. If you have your personal vehicle in your name and something bad happens…if you are on a business activity….among the questions that will invariably be asked as part of a set of interrogatories will likely be something along the...
  10. RE Taipan

    Purchasing Assets with Pre-tax Dollars

    Global, is how I will leave it...I used this as an example of what can be done depending on the individual's particular business situation. This is why corp's like GE, Disney, Apple and others at this level have armies of tax attys and the various taxing agencies have their own...
  11. RE Taipan

    Purchasing Assets with Pre-tax Dollars

    Nate, If I could offer (although others might differ)...if you are going to buy the SUV as a business function, you have to make sure that the money you use to acquire the asset comes from the business and not you directly...this could raise a flag of comingling and a disregard of the...
  12. RE Taipan

    Purchasing Assets with Pre-tax Dollars

    Rickson No problem....let me ask this....when a Corp has a loan, that loan (+ any interest which has accumulated) has to be paid back at some point. You are correct that the loan itself is not an expense to the Corp but a liability....however, the act of paying the loan back is an expense to...
  13. RE Taipan

    Purchasing Assets with Pre-tax Dollars

    Honestly, it was late last night when I wrote my post. I included LLCs as well and in hindsight probably should not have due to the pass thru potential for certain tax treatment elections available to the LLC form. I should have just kept it with C corporations or at least an LLC which has...
  14. RE Taipan

    Purchasing Assets with Pre-tax Dollars

    Nate, Here is how I see it…and do it myself. And before I get into the nitty-gritty, please know that if this is something your acct has not explained to you, I would respectfully provide that while your acct may be the absolute best person for someone else’s business, he/she is probably...
  15. RE Taipan

    Fastlaners, how to invest $30-50K, knowing what you know now...

    Snowbank, Kinda reminds me of....Think and Grow Rich....
  16. RE Taipan

    websites and LLC's

    Looking... Glad to have been able to provide another perspective on this. LLC's have their place, I just do not believe it is as the "top" rung in a corp/asset protection strategy.
  17. RE Taipan

    HELP! I have a great business idea but I have a problem!

    Patrick, Generally speaking, voidability refers to the option of the minor, for contracts other than for necessities, to void the does not prevent a minor and/or another party for entering into the contract. As for parental responsibility for the actions of their children, this...
  18. RE Taipan

    Entrepreneurs Are Born

    MINDSET his book MJ talks about feeding the needy child... I think that PatrickP's line above encapsulates some of probably the most over looked needs of that child -- a good product and GREAT customer service...absent these, and especially the last one....much, if not all, of your effort is for...
  19. RE Taipan

    HELP! I have a great business idea but I have a problem!

    Patrick, That is possible....and why I also offered my other approach/consideration/suggestion which is right above your post.

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