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  1. Devampre

    Performance Based Pricing Offers Good or Bad?

    What are your thoughts on performance based pricing? I'm reiterating my one line offer for my ads and taglines and I've come to see these types of offers look a little something like this: I will X in Y or Z. X = the result I will deliver Y = the amount of time it'll take Z= the guarantee...
  2. Devampre

    First Sales Call After Slump... 2 Quick Questions.

    Just had my first sales call after a bit of a "slump" A Little Context: The service is essentially one that helps secure and verify people's investments so that the money they invest gets into the right hands. To build something that would encapsulate the entirety of this business seems that...
  3. Devampre

    Overcoming Fear and Lethargy

    How do you personally deal with or overcome feelings of fear and/or lethargy? As of late, I have been falling short of my desired potential and haven't been acting/grinding as my higher self would prefer. Through self reflection and introspecting I believe at the root it is fear and lethargy...
  4. Devampre

    New Investor Getting Into It (A Small Tale & 2 Questions)

    Hi everyone, So I'm buying my first property which I believe is a good deal for a 2 bed 1 bath home in a small village. My plan is simple. Move in, put a little into fixing it up/making it look nice, and then renting it out either to long term tenants or a bnb for hunters, snowmobilers...
  5. Devampre

    Developing a Product For Municipal/Provincial Government

    If one is considering developing a product that is moreso aimed at municipal/provincial government, is is better to create said product independently (and more expensively) or collaboratively? Technically it could be directed toward businesses and residents as well, but those are significantly...
  6. Devampre

    Get Rich & Cry Tryin'

    So I think it's about time I do one of these properly. (No confusing polls this time.) What I do? Help people's businesses... Right now this is mostly just building websites. But, I am offering to do work in related domains (SEO, ads, social media, etc) should someone desire it. I think of it...
  7. Devampre

    So I'm trying to learn more about M& A + Roll Up Strategy

    What do you think about people attempting a roll up strategy when they have to use other people's money, defer the fees with accountants/lawyers and buy businesses in an industry they may not have all the best experience in? I'm aware of what can happen if things go right. But, what really...
  8. Devampre

    "Those Who Cannot Do, Teach?" Questions About Making Courses

    Cheesy thread titles aside... 1. Do you think it's wise to make and sell a course for profit when you haven't gotten the exact results that you advertise? 2. Do you think there would be drawbacks in making such a course, even if you use an alias? I have seen many people make all sorts of...
  9. Devampre

    Have You Created A Profitable Business or Businesses?

    If you answered yes to the title of this thread, I would appreciate your vote on this poll. :)
  10. Devampre

    Waiting Angrily - Let's Talk ACTION!

    Perhaps "angrily" is a tad dramatic. But, I was listening to some deathcore, drinking an energy drink going through completing a client's website, when suddenly I realized that I need a special API key... So, long story short, I'm waiting on an email before I can move forward. :rage: On the...
  11. Devampre

    SEO/Web Experts, I Would Like Your Expertise On A Quick Question

    So I found a doimain I like, let's call it '' Now, if I can't get '' at a reasonable price because the owner wants a ridiculous price, but I could get '' at a more reasonable price... Is it worth it? And could I outrank them? Especially since the owner of '' isn't doing...
  12. Devampre

    Testing New Waters on Top of What I'm Doing

    Preface: My current side hustle (web design, smm, paids ads, etc.) is doing okay. I was fortunate to get two clients that are paying me for work that I would have done for free to build up my portfolio. And I will continue to bring in new clients and scale this accordingly. But I want to talk...
  13. Devampre

    I Don't Know What I'm Doing: Time to Get Certain and Start A Business

    A Little Background: For those that don't really know me (which is pretty much everyone :rofl:) I am a painter for my mom's business and living in rural Saskatchewan, Canada. Life sucks. Not because I have it the worst, but because I didn't make conscious decisions to build the life I really...
  14. Devampre

    Why do people dislike bro-marketers, gurus, and similar people/businesses?

    I was reading some older threads regarding various "gurus", "bro-marketers", or whatever you want to call them. (Dan Lok, Tai Lopez, Tony Robbins, etc.) Now, I'll admit that I don't purchase their products, but I've seen quite a few courses and read quite a few books. (You find most things are...
  15. Devampre

    Quit Your Niching: A Beginner's Guide To Actually Starting Your Journey

    Disclosure: I had the thread title on my mind for a while and feel obligated to write something... hopefully of some value to others. :smile: "What should I do?" So you want to start a business? You have made a decision that you want to be an entrepreneur. You have decided that you want to...
  16. Devampre

    A Business Burned $60,000 on a Poor Website. Should I Try Help Them?

    I was talking with an old friend the other day and he brought up that the business he works for got some local agency to build them a website. I was somewhat intrigued as I have some front end development knowledge and built a few sites before. So I dug deeper and found out some details about...
  17. Devampre

    Microsoft invests $1 billion in OpenAI to pursue holy grail of artificial intelligence

    Article here: Microsoft invests $1 billion in OpenAI to pursue holy grail of artificial intelligence So, without getting too into the semantics of "intelligence" and political. I'd like to hear your thoughts and opinions on this matter. I'm aware AI has been discussed in the forums before...
  18. Devampre

    Switching up slowlane jobs? Real estate a good idea?

    I want to switch up my slowlane job, but have been getting a little bit of mixed opinions and feedback. Currently I work as a Painter: Pros Decent pay Cheap cost of living Cons Physically demanding Live in a very rural area Poor internet service I have been wanting to get back into something...
  19. Devampre

    Are Audits Enough? Trying To Offer More Value Upfront

    In an effort to offer upfront value to potential clients, I've been giving free audits for their digital presence (Website + Social Media) and giving them tips to improve it. However, I'm beginning to feel either that: -Perhaps it isn't valuable enough to make them want to talk with me. -It...
  20. Devampre

    Generalist Vs. Specialist

    If there is a thread I missed in my search I apologize. I saw this touched on a few places both on this forum and elsewhere. A lot of people online preach that when starting a business (such as a web design agency, smma, consulting, etc) it is better to start as a specialist. Ideally picking an...

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