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  1. AmazingLarry

    Camper Van Conversion Company

    Hey guys! I recently made a thread about a sprinter van that I converted into a camper and took a 3 month road trip in with the wife. I sold the van about a month ago, and after going through the whole process I decided to start a van conversion company, so this is my execution thread. I've...
  2. AmazingLarry

    Van Trend (RV vagabonding, travel)

    Any of you guys ever spend time living in a van? I spent the last three months converting an older sprinter van into a camper, and I'm currently on a 2 month trip around the US with the wife. Started in Connecticut a couple weeks ago and just left Tuscon to head to California. Arizona almost...
  3. AmazingLarry

    Manufacturing in Mexico

    Hey guys! I'm starting the process of finding a manufacturer to make plastic injection molded parts and also do some ultrasonic welding. I want to avoid China, so I was thinking Mexico may be a good option and could potentially benefit from the USMCA. Does anyone have experience getting...
  4. AmazingLarry

    How to keep product testers from spilling the beans?

    Hey guys, I'm currently in the process of making some prototypes of my invention, and I want to send them to a few people in my target market to test and provide feedback. I know that NDAs are typically not recommended here, and it makes sense why. It wouldn't make sense financially for me...
  5. AmazingLarry

    Family Business in a (Seemingly) Declining Music Industry Niche

    Hey Guys, I may have the opportunity soon to get involved with a family business, and I'm looking for some feedback as to whether this is smart or not. There may be some emotional aspects that are clouding my judgement, so I want to try and see around those. The business manufactures custom...
  6. AmazingLarry

    Hosting an Event to get Market Feedback

    I am in the early stages of developing a physical product with a partner, and we are planning to host a local event so that we can get a lot of direct feedback from our target market in a short time. The product is in the pet industry, so we will be inviting a specific type of pet owner and...
  7. AmazingLarry

    Using Photos in a Database - Copyright Issue?

    Hey guys, I'm considering putting together a database website, but I'm trying to find out first if I could run into any issues with copyright infringement. The website would contain a database of some fictional characters, and it would list physical characteristics about each character and...
  8. AmazingLarry

    A Divided Mind -- (how do you allocate your attention?)

    How many of you guys actively work on more than one project at a time? How do you decide what portion of your attention should be given to each one? This is something I've been struggling with and having a tough time making a decision on, which is why I'm looking for some input from those of...
  9. AmazingLarry

    Looking for website / strategy feedback.

    Hey guys, I started a freelance mechanical design company, and I am looking for some feedback on my website and business strategy. I focused my business on machine/equipment/tool design because I have a lot of experience here and wanted to show that I am an expert in this specific area (as...
  10. AmazingLarry

    I don't ever want to go back!

    Hi Everyone! I signed up for the forum yesterday after lurking for a while, and I just wanted to introduce myself and share my current situation. I'm 29, and from the northeast US. I have a degree in mechanical engineering, and I worked for a few years designing machines & tools at a small...

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