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  1. ProblemSolver

    The "Remember When" Thread...

    Haha, I was just thinking about this today. I have one and am curious if it was just me. Does anyone else remember going to the bathroom and reading random things laying around? Now we have cell phones to occupy us but I remember reading soap bottles, shampoo, toothpaste, etc when I was...
  2. ProblemSolver

    Sharing my lifetime experience in export/import. Product sourcing specialist.

    Hi Walter! I've placed my first order from a Chinese manufacturer. Learning as I go here. I agree'd to 30/70 DDU terms for product/shipment. I have completed the 30% transfer to get production started. Now they want additional funds to deliver it to my door. They are asking for Customs Bond...
  3. ProblemSolver

    Hiring on Upwork

    They have very good ratings and a lot of previous history on Upwork. They have the "Top Rated" tag as well.
  4. ProblemSolver

    Hiring on Upwork

    I just hired someone on Upwork to create a website for me. We came up with 4 milestones for payment. He is requesting that I pay the milestone before it is completed as a down payment. Is this typical? I have never used it before but my understanding was the work would be accomplished for each...
  5. ProblemSolver

    My Crazy Idea ...

    I have no idea what Beatz are. Like I said, maybe the person interested in using your service would get it. I have no clue though. I assume some sort of music. Maybe it is your personal music or maybe it belongs to multiple people. You mentioned a one stop shop, this makes me think it is from...
  6. ProblemSolver

    My Crazy Idea ...

    Maybe people who will use your site would get it but I have no idea what you are offering.
  7. ProblemSolver

    Ask me anything about eCommerce (Ongoing)

    I know this type of thing is being discussed, so I wanted to provide a real life example. Ordered an item on Amazon on April 26th. Just received the below email today. Just thought someone may find some potential value in it. Yes, my name is actually in there twice. Whoops! Now as a customer, I...
  8. ProblemSolver

    Rehabber, Landlord, Marketing, Wholesaling

    When you first got into this industry, what prior knowledge/experience did you have? How do you handle your direct mail campaigns? Do you write them yourself, hire someone to do it, or use a service?
  9. ProblemSolver

    Damage Inc.'s Teespring Trials & Facebook Foray

    I was checking out and noticed it was not very common to have >500 sales. What constitutes a good campaign? I realize that is dependent on how much you are spending in advertisement versus how many shirts you are selling but it seems like a couple hundred shirts sold means...
  10. ProblemSolver

    I'm interested in having a website created. Would you be available to discuss this possibility?

    I'm interested in having a website created. Would you be available to discuss this possibility?
  11. ProblemSolver

    The Process of Creating A Real Product

    Near where I live, there is a bee farm. I've always wanted to stop by and try their honey but just haven't made the time to do it. The other day, one of their workers knocked on my door and was going door to door selling it. I paid $5 for the bottle which is fairly expensive compared to what i...
  12. ProblemSolver

    [AMA] Importing & wholesaling for resale on eBay.

    Windows or Apple? If Windows, try a different browser. Chrome/Firefox/Internet Explorer.
  13. ProblemSolver

    [AMA] Importing & wholesaling for resale on eBay.

    Interesting thing happened to me. 2 days after my first item is listed, this guy contacts me and points out that I say I am offering 3 day shipping but am only offering First Class mail. Tells me I should change it before I get in trouble. I look at the guys sales history and he is selling the...
  14. ProblemSolver

    [AMA] Importing & wholesaling for resale on eBay.

    Did you use eBay or Amazon? Or both?
  15. ProblemSolver

    Any chance you'd be willing to provide me your sales sheet/script?

    Any chance you'd be willing to provide me your sales sheet/script?
  16. ProblemSolver

    [AMA] Importing & wholesaling for resale on eBay.

    My first package arrived today! GAME ON! :)
  17. ProblemSolver

    What's in your nutribullet?

    Almond milk, ice, banana, peanut butter, real honey, kale/spinach, and one other random fruit
  18. ProblemSolver

    Thank You, IceCreamKid

    Two and a half months since I read the great ICK post. I'm still motivated to get the ice cream! I have realized I have a mental wall to break down that is going to be significantly difficult. Anyone have some dynamite I can borrow?! My wall is what I have heard termed as the scarcity of money...
  19. ProblemSolver

    Making 100k Per Year: Easy or Difficult?

    You make $175k working from home? Have you ever considered making a business out of telling people how to make $175k from home? I bet you could hire people to plaster your product all over the internet and sell your information to millions! With great ideas like this, I am surprised I have not...

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