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  1. tchandy

    Looking for three partners, BUT

    The company I am in is an affiliate marketing company and I know this violates MJ's rule. This is not my primary company but a new company that has yet to hit the market. From the presentations I've seen this could change a lot in the app industry. I can't discuss too much since there's a...
  2. tchandy

    The book I mentioned two years ago is finally finished

    I blogged about when I started blogging about two years ago on this thread - Well, yesterday I published an ebook for new teeball coaches. It covers everything a new coach...
  3. tchandy

    Made a million on paper

    I just picked up my fifth property and based on recent home prices and my other investments, I have a little over $1million dollars on paper. My road took me about 15 years when I bought my first mutual fund. Since then I have read countless of books, watched videos, created websites, started...
  4. tchandy

    Ever heard of Darren Hardy, creator of SUCCESS magazine?

    I never heard of Darren until I joined Numis Network a few months ago. Darren became a millionaire in his early 20s and continues to give back. SUCCESS magazine is possibly one of the best publications I have seen and it's focused on entrepreneurs and motivational tips. I received the latest...
  5. tchandy

    9 home analysis

    I came across a deal where the owner wants to get out of the rental business. He owns 9 properties, 8, manufactured homes and 1 mobile home and is asking $24,000 for everything. The loans vary but are on 15 year loans with interest rates from 4-12%. All of the homes are leased to the tenant...
  6. tchandy

    Amazon niche profit course 4 sale, 2 increase your clicks

    I run a website, Teeball Baseball Blog dot com and use Amazon as one of my affiliates. Like everyone else on this site I'm trying to get a product that will impact millions from the comfort of my own home. Blogging is not my main area of focus. Yes I've been a Sidewalker at times but focusing...
  7. tchandy

    Robert Kiyosaki Says Entrepreneurship Will Bring Back Jobs

    There was a sort article on Forbes this morning on Robert Kiyosaki. -entrepenaurs are born and made -details on his new book -how he invests in a business -to be an entrepeneaur you have to be a student -a MBA doesn't mean you'll be an entrepeneaur -rates are lower now than when he started...
  8. tchandy

    Financial Lessons From Sports Stars’ Mistakes

    This is a good article I came across. Really hits a lot of different areas - investing, living within your means, and picking the right advisors. Enjoy, Tom Michael Vick will take the field on Sunday wearing the uniform of the Philadelphia Eagles, who took him in after his imprisonment...
  9. tchandy

    Mark Cuban on investing

    On Wall Street journal is a great video where Mark Cuban answers various questions. Enjoy! Video - Entrepreneur Mark Cuban Loves the Volatile Market, Keeps His Money in Cash, Hates Diversification -
  10. tchandy

    Re-finance for cash flow or less years

    I have a property and contacted my lender who gave me two good offers to refinance a rental property I own. It's a condo in Hawaii. The current 30 year loan that I refinanced 2-3 years ago has a 5.5% interest. My monthly payment is $1043.97. These are the two options and I'm trying to...
  11. tchandy

    How much to sell ad space?

    I started my website a few months ago. I thought I'd have to make my money but the money's coming to me and I wasn't expecting this so soon. Does anyone have any recommendations - I was offered to sell ad space to a company. The email is below. "We are interested in banners of the...
  12. tchandy

    Progress thread: Teeball Baseball Blog dot com

    I've nearly completed the Millionaire Fastlane twice since November of last year. The book gave me a lot of insight, rethink my current and long term strategy, as well as take a crash course in blogging. In my last post, I stated I stopped investing in my IRA. Stocks are fine but there seems to...
  13. tchandy

    Success Story: Sandiaga Uno

    Indonesia's inspirational entrepreneur, Sandiaga Uno. Sandiaga Uno: Indonesia's inspirational entrepreneur - personal wealth in the millions and assets in the billions turned a setback into an opportunity employs over 20,000 people invests in coal, oil, gas, toll roads, plantations...
  14. tchandy

    Kiyosaki, Sell Gold Buy Silver

    Article by Robert Kiyosaki. Enjoy, Tom You may have noticed that gold is hovering around $1,360 an ounce (sliding recently after a big run-up) and silver is around $30 an ounce. That means in November of 2010 alone, gold increased in price by 2 percent and silver by 14 percent. Investing...
  15. tchandy

    Robert Kioysaki: The Eye of the Recession's Storm

    New article from Robert Kioysaki. Enjoy, Tom The Eye of the Recession's Storm Is the recession really (not just technically) over? Is the economy coming back? Are jobs coming back? Obviously, the answers to those questions depend upon whom you talk with. As the old saying goes, “If...
  16. tchandy

    What's your 2011 plan?

    Time to plan for 2011 if you haven't already. What are your plans for next year? Are you making any changes from this year? Be sure to have a plan for a change in taxes depending on what Congress DOES or DOESN'T do for the remainder of the year. For one, I started writing down my plan for...
  17. tchandy

    Invest in yourself, who cares more about money than you do?

    I attended a free class on stock investing. I don't consider myself an expert but always looking to learn. The person who gave the presentation had been investing for over 20 years. He showed a list of stocks he invested in and there must have been 8-10 pages worth of stocks he currently was...
  18. tchandy

    From falling down to establishing himself as a better player

    If you didn't watch Monday night's game Michael Vick embarrased the Washington Redskins with an incredible performance. If you recall he also spent some time in prison since he was involved in a dog ring a fewyears ago. No matter how difficult things get, it's your ability to rebound that...
  19. tchandy

    "cnbc titans: Donald trump" will premiere on november 17th

    I know what I'll be watching on Nov 17th. Tom News Headlines
  20. tchandy

    China at Number 1

    An interesting read on China. Tom China at No. 1 -- already -

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