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  1. Overdrive

    Torn between two mentors with opposite viewpoints on startup process

    Hi! Not sure if the general folder is the right place for this thread and sorry if this is going to be a long post. But I really need some advice, guys. Some background first: So I’ve been sitting on a startup idea now for almost six months (basically since I’ve been a member on this board)...
  2. Overdrive

    Newbie needs advice on how to validate an idea using questionnaires, etc.

    Hi! I've had this idea of a B2B web service that is a combination of selling digital products and a lead generation model for the past five months, but I realize I haven't put in any real effort towards validating the idea and have not made good use of my time. Question is what is the best...
  3. Overdrive

    Help needed: What percentage of profit share to offer collaborator?

    Hi everyone! I've posted basically the same question a week before but unfortunately got exactly ZERO replies. Maybe I was being too vague in my first attempt and pls excuse me if my question seems trivial to you, but I just need to ask again. Please, please someone reply this time (and pls...
  4. Overdrive

    How do you integrate collaborators into your (e-com) business?

    Hi! I'm currently working on executing a fastlane biz idea I had about a month ago. The business is selling a web service in combination with digital contents on a website with global reach (the digital contents are the final product that customers will be able do download). Both the content...
  5. Overdrive

    Doing business with Chinese vendors? Seeking your feedback!

    Hi Fastlaners! I originally posted this in another thread, but it was considered off-topic (newbie mistake). So here's my own thread: I'm looking for potential pain points and unmet needs, especially of people who purchase from Chinese vendors or otherwise have business dealings with Chinese...
  6. Overdrive

    15 years in Slowlane going nowhere fast... time for CHANGE

    Hello friends! Greetings from Asia (Taiwan, to be precise)! I feel fired up to be joining this community, I really do. It's another step out of the comfort zone for me and part of my efforts to do a 180 degree turn around in mindset and behavior. I'm currently at chapter 43 of the TMFL book and...

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